Charles Woodson: Top 5 Landing Spots For Star Defender

By Michael Quinn
February 16, 2013 10:59 am
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In a move that shocked the NFL world, the Green Bay Packers cut their best defender, veteran Charles Woodson.

Well -- Maybe it wasn't so shocking though.

He was wildly overpaid during his time in Green Bay, and was due $10 million in 2013.

At 36 years old, Woodson is no doubt a seasoned vet.

He's suffered injury after injury, most recently a broken collarbone in 2012. Despite the history of injuries, Woodson can compete to start just about anywhere else.

He might be one of the oldest defenders in the league, but don't doubt that C.W. will find a new home in no time.

But where?

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2 years ago
Interesting article, Michael. I agree that New England is an ideal fit for 'The Wiz'.
2 years ago

Thanks a lot Mike! I appreciate the read
2 years ago
Do not overlook the Saints. 60/40 on leadership over player as what better way to rebuild than a Darren Sharper type player on a Rex Ryan type defense.
2 years ago
BTW: It's Tavon Wilson, not Austin (although he may become a Patriot soon!)
2 years ago

Uh oh!!!! Nice catch Tozier. I've been obsessing over mock drafts a little too much!!
2 years ago

I can only dream of "nice catch", but I would be like Eli (only I'd hold out for the Patriots!)

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