When one of my oldest and dearest friends (who happens to be a pastor) asks a hypothetical question like, “At what point does a true Jags fan hope the losing streak continues so the team will have first draft pick and possibly get a real quarterback?,” all I can do is shake my head and ask the same question.

Or, I could reply and ask him for some divine intervention. Something tells me a higher power might be as disappointed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as I am.

With the 24-6 loss at home at the hands of the San Diego Chargers, once again our beloved football team proved it could not take another step forward toward WINNING A FOOTBALL GAME. Progress the last two weeks, plus the fact San Diego played Monday night and then traveled across the country to play in Florida gave us all hope. Make that false hope. Make that angry hope. Whatever the case, the Jaguars are now 0-7 looking to travel to London later this week for a game with the San Francisco 49ers.

Would anyone like to take a gander on what the line will be for that game?

Looking at the numbers if you did not watch the game, Jacksonville had a 300-yard passer, Mike Brown caught five receptions for 120 yards, Cecil Shorts played well while injured and Maurice Jones-Drew averaged over four yards a carry running the ball.


Here are five things we learned from Sunday…

Ryan Mathews is a good runner

He ran for 110 yards and had his second consecutive 100-yard day. He also scored a touchdown, which ended a drought for him dating back to last season. I am not a huge fan of Mathews, but he and Danny Woodhead are a devastating combination that drove through the Jaguars defense all day long.

The old Rivers is back

For two seasons, we all questioned when we might see the Philip Rivers of old. We are seeing it now, but in a different way. Rivers is more efficient and controls the game better, Maybe two years of subpar play and a suspect running game contributed to his efforts. I think Rivers is now in that position to be considered one of the better quarterbacks in the league to never … you fill in the blanks. Yes, he is becoming that good again.

Chad Henne is becoming an enigma

He has a 300-yard passing game again for the second week in a row, but he is not getting the ball in the end zone. That makes his stats look good, but he is not doing his job. The Jaguars cannot go back to Blaine Gabbert because that is consider recession. Henne must find his receivers like he did this week, but find them when they cross the end zone. I still think Henne gives this team the best chance to “win,” but he has to find his targets when scoring is at a premium.

Learn how to block

I was gushing before the game how a no-name offensive line had played well together the past two weeks. This week, San Diego’s pass rush did them in.

Chad Henne was dropped six times for coverage sacks and blitz packages that left the tackles wondering what time zone they were in.

I suspect this will now become a huge issue for the team - which will lead to the abandonment of the running game to provide max protection for Henne. This ruins any kind of continuity the offense could have.


I really do not want to start this rumor, however it looks like this team will be 0-8 after next week with a bye week off to “recuperate.” That is no way to look at things.

If the Jaguars are winless after their bye week, the talk continues, the jokes implode and the continued beatdown of this team is heard throughout the media and the NFL. This team needs a win in a hurry to make the pain seem less severe.