Well Giant fans, if you’re still not convinced that the Giants are not playoff bound or believe that the Giants are a playoff caliber team; perhaps the 37-14 beating at the hands of the San Diego Chargers just might bring you back to reality. The Giants were awful against a Chargers team that entered the game with identical records of 5-7. On paper, the two teams had similar records, however; on the field the Giants looked more like an arena football team. You could have shut off your television sets at halftime as the Chargers had a commanding 24-0 lead. However; if you are gluten for punishment (wish I had to be in order to write this article) you could have watch the 2nd half. All the talk about the Giants defense playing outstanding football during their 4 game winning streak was nothing more than a mirage. As I’ve been pointing out each week regarding the inferior talent level of the opposing QB’s they faced during their so-called 4 game winning streak. 

High Points:

  • Andre Brown had a solid game (16 carries for 81 yards) although he did fumble once
  • Hakeem Nicks finally looked like the player of 2011 with a solid performance (5 reps/135 yards)
  • Steve Weatherford was again steady with 3 punts for 46.3 yards
  • Terrell Thomas and Antrel Rolle combined for 19 tackles
  • Justin Tuck for the 2nd week in a row recorded multiple sacks (2)
  • Giants were 2/2 (100%) in the red zone

Low Points:

  • Giants surrendered another game of over 30 points (37); as 24 points came in the 1st half.
  • Giants lost the battle of 1st downs 18 to 25
  • Giants lostthe battle of 3rd down efficiency 3/8 (37%) to the Chargers 10/15 (66%)
  • Chargers were 3/5 (60%) in the red zone
  • Giants lost the time of possession battle to the Chargers 23:04 to 36:56
  • Giants lost the turnover battle 3 to 1

Final Thoughts:

This was an ugly game and one that should convince to the Giants and their fans that this team is a long way away from being a serious Super Bowl contender. This team needs a major makeover on their roster.  Now at 5-8, the Giants will in all likelihood finish at 6-10 as I can see them beating only the Redskins and losing to the Seahawks and Lions. If so, that should place them possibly in the top 10 (worst case scenario top 15) for the upcoming draft. The Giants also figure to have a decent amount of money for free agency next season (According to OvertheCap.com) with nearly $15 million (assuming the cap is around $123 million again).  They could increase that even higher if they choose to void some hefty contracts.  Point being, GM Jerry Reese needs to make a statement this offseason as the Giants have now failed to make the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years.