So there's good news. And bad news.

A spokeswoman for a Dallas County district attorney claims an affidavit of non-prosecution from Angela Bryant is included in the case filed against Dez Bryant.  Bryant volunteered himself to police after being alerted of a warrant out for his arrest last week.

Dez Bryant's mother placed a 911 call on July 14 alleging an assault taking place. Now it appears she wants to drop the case.

For the sake of the Dallas Cowboys' win column, the troubled third-year receiver needs to catch a break from prosecutors. The likelihood of commissioner Roger Goodell suspending Bryant will diminish greatly if the charges are dropped.

But the charges shouldn't be dropped.

Prosecutors need to pursue this case for Dez Bryant's own good. In the long run it will help the Cowboys.

Bryant would benefit greatly from a legally imposed probation. He would be required to stay out of trouble, and might learn what the inside of his playbook looks like.  If he even knows where his playbook is.  The discipline learned speaking with lawyers, attending court dates, and paying fines in a timely manner will benefit Bryant as a member of the Cowboys and society in general.

The Cowboys should be begging prosecutors to throw the book at Dez Bryant. 

Angela Bryant wants her son to walk free.

Prosecutors are yet to say whether they will move forward with charges against Bryant. 

And the beat goes on.