Have you ever had to kick someone out of you're fantasy league for threatening your life or for trying to sabotage the league? I can now say I have. It was a rough weekend to say the least as my anxiety was higher then Barret Robbins before the Super Bowl. BUT, I handled it, and the league is better for it. That doesn't mean people get a free pass for chump like behavior, oh no. They lost their money and my respect, kind of like some of these players in the chump sections below. This is your chance to vent about some loser in your league who you want gone. This is your shot to call out the chumps you deal with weekly in your league. Take it! Take it whole heartedly and call them out on this post. You will feel much better afterwards. This is champs and chumps. 

QB Champs

1.Ben Roethlisberger-  228 yds/5td's 

After looking absolutely awful the last two weeks, Big Ben bounced back in a Big way. 5 TDs for the 2-Time Super Bowl Champ in Week 5 and if he continues to find receivers like Mike Wallace streaking down the sidelines, his Touchdown total should remain above two per game for the remainder of the season.

2.Matt Cassel- 257 yds/4 td's

I bash this guy more then Dorothy did Rose on "Golden Girls," but that doesn't mean I can leave him off the champs list when he goes off. The sad thing for me is, it might not be the last time either. With some scrub name Jessie Battle running the ball, and being that Kansas City will continually be trailing, the Chiefs will be airing it out in a major way. With Dwayne Bowe(No relation to Riddick) putting on a show every week, and the return of rookie Jonathan Baldwin, Cassel aka Moose might actually be relevant and that kills me to write. 

3.Aaron Rodgers- 396 yds/2td's

The man was flawless as he officially became the best QB in the NFL in my eyes. You have to love the way A-Rod zips that rock again. He had another touchdown pass dropped by Finley which would have made his day even nicer. Going for fantasy MVP this season and is easily the most sure thing every single week. 

4.Eli Manning- 420 yds/3 td's

3 interceptions and a fumble kind of ruined Manning's big day. That and the fact that the Giants lost the game. Manning's day should have been even bigger were it not for his 2 late interceptions, one of which was in no way his fault, and another touchdown pass seemed likely. The Giants running game has been getting stuffed and Eli's been putting up top 5 fantasy numbers the last 3 weeks. With the emergence of Victor Cruz, Manning has 3 legit wideouts. Start him with confidence and let the doubters keep doubting. 

5.Michael Vick- 315 yds/2 td's, 90 yds rushing

Ron Mexico got hosed on a couple on his late interceptions which were receiver's fault, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I feel terrible for this guy, as I can tell how badly he wants to win, but Vick's probably not costing you too dearly in fantasy as he continues to put up big time numbers. Obviously, it would be splendid for his owner's if he could cut the turnovers in half and score rushing touchdowns like he did last season. Vick should end up on this list every week. Don't lose faith. 

6. Cam Newton- 224 yds/2tds', 27 yds rushing/1td

If Cameron "fig" Newton didn't get every single carry near the goal line, his value would take a major hit. I mean, what are the odd's that Carolina continues to get the ball at the 1 yard line and be able to QB sneak it at least once a week? Not good.  Every week I try to figure out why Carolina doesn't use it's running backs more. That boy DeAngelo broke a hundo and had less then 10 carries! This is obviously good for Newton though, as he is continuously taking shot's down the field to Steve Smith. By the way, did you see Smith hem up Roman Harper of the Saints? Don't people know not to mess with a loose cannon like Smith? How many of his own teammates does he have to punch out before the opposition knows he's not to be played with

Anyway, this about the positive and Newton makes this list AGAIN. He keeps proving the doubters wrong and is a great option going forward. Kudos to you if you drafted him or grabbed him on waivers. 
QB Chumps
1.Ryan Fitzpatrick- 193 yds 1td
Is it time to bail on the genius? I'd say no, but the numbers have plunged in drastic fashion the past few weeks. The Bills receivers are overrated but will get the job done as long as defenses are focusing on Fred Jackson, who by the way in a legit MVP candidate at this point. Buffalo is going to have to score a ton to keep getting wins so don't jump ship quite yet. Ownership seems poised to give Fitzy a bunch of dough. I hope he's not a chump to the core, and it was only a few week thing. For his owner's sakes anyway. 

2.Josh Freeman- 187 yds

It's hard for me to speak about Freeman anymore. He disgusts me. The young chump has equaled his interception total for all of LAST SEASON in 5 games. Now that's impressive. Biggest fantasy bust thus far in my eyes. Makes me sick. I hate chumps. 

3.Kevin Kolb-232 yds

Well, maybe sometimes it's a good thing my editor doesn't post all my rankings on ffchamps.com, as I had Kolb ranked as a top 10 play this week. Wait, on second thought I was was pretty spot on with my other QB rankings so maybe he should. Back to Kolb. What a disaster! This is not what the Cardinals were looking for when they traded for and signed Kolb to a monster deal. Kolb started with a spark but now he's just garbage. What a lame. 

4.Matt Ryan- 167 yds 1td

Oh Matty Ice, you made it look so easy on your first couple drives. Then you went back to the chump we all know you are. I don't quite know what to make of Ryan this season. Roddy White looks awful but Julio Jones and Tony G have stepped up big time the past few weeks. The weapons are there. The results are not. Look elsewhere for production. 
RB Champs
1.Adrian Peterson- 122 yds 3td

Are the Cardinals upset they drafted Levi Brown over A.P. five years back? Ummm, I'd have to give a resounding NO! Peterson looked the part of the number one overall fantasy draft pick he should have been in every draft. It's almost strange he didn't have more yardage but the game was out of hand and there was no need to overwork him. Hopefully this jumpstarts his season. 

2.BenJarvus Green-Ellis- 136 yds 2td

Law Firm looked like a stud against a tired Jets defense. Ridley was thought to be on the rise in this backfield but Ellis put the clamps on that with his performance on Sunday. Looking like Ricky WIlliams in his prime. Impressive. 

3.Fred Jackson- 111 yds 1td, 85 yds rec

People who drafted C.J. Spiller fairly early after he was given the starting job at the beginning of training camp hate Fred Jackson. They root for injuries to occur. Kind of like the way Joe Biden feels about Obama. 
4.Jahvid Best- 163 yds 1td

It finally came! I've been waiting on this game to occur all season and Detroit's opposition has got to be scared. Best looked faster then a juicing Marion Jones on Monday night and I expect it to continue barring injury.
RB Chumps
1.Cedric Benson- 53 yds

Yuck! Please just take your suspension and give Bernard Scott a chance. He's obviously a more explosive runner. I've known many a guy who thinks he's much better at something then he really is as well as believing he's much better looking then the rest of the world see's him. Benson is one of those particular guys. It's suspected that's why he chin checked his lover and is now facing suspension in the first place. His partner told him the truth. Benson thinks he should tote the rock 30 times a game but the fact is, he's slow and the Bengals are trying to build an exciting offense. Cut this delusional nut loose. 

2.Isaac Redman- 49 yds

Was on his way to having the performance many expected of him. Then of course, he hurt himself. I love when guy's literally wait years to get their shot in the NFL and then they get hurt in their first outing. Chumps don't like to stretch. What could have been special performance  became meaningless, sort of like Billy Baldwin's career. 

3.Jonathan Stewart- 20 yds

At this point starting Jonathan Stewart makes about as much sense as Mel Gibson visiting Jerusalem. 

4.Darren McFadden- 51 yds, 17 yds rec

6 points is not what anyone was expecting out of DMC. Could we get Peyton Hillis on the Raiders to reunite him with McFadden. That would be a nice combo. Screw it, bring in Felix Jones as well. It's not like Jason Cambell does anything anyway. 
WR Champs
1.Pierre Garcon- 5 catch/125 yds 2td

Are you kidding me? How many horrific defensive plays is the frenchman going to score on this season. Let the madness cease I'm begging you. I was a victim of Garcon this weekend and his success baffles me. Opposing defenses know all he does is go deep, yet somehow there he was streaking down the field with no Chiefs players in sight. I blame Romeo Crennel aka Professor Klump! Garcon has been doing this for a few years now so it's not as if people don't know who he is. I'm not a big fan, but I suppose you have no choice but to start the guy. sigh.

2.Dwayne Bowe- 7 catch/128 yds 2td

D-Bowe is proving last season was no fluke, and is cementing his place among the league's elite. That bobbling touchdown catch he made in the endzone might be the catch of the year thus far. This man was drafted way to late in fantasy drafts this year. Shame on you!!!...................Shame on me.....Whyyyyyyyy?

3.James Jones- 5 catch/140 1td

There he is! I've been asking God nightly, why Jones didn't sign with another team this off-season. I believe he would easily be a 1000 yard receiver on almost any other team as starter. Jordy got all the hype early on this season but the fact is, Jones is a better player. I'm not sure why he wasn't getting love early on, but you can see the boy has a serious skill set and could repeat at anytime. Problem is, nobody knows which Packer will get off on any given week. 

4.Victor Cruz- 8 catch/161 yds 1td

I told someone he was this year's Miles Austin after his breakout game a few week's back, and he truly has been. It's mind blowing that guy's this talented can remain under wraps for so long and hardly get on the field. How was it a question whether is should be Cruz or Domenik Hixon starting in the slot. What once looked as a weak spot for the Giants, now looks strong like bull, as the WR position has a nasty top 3. Eli's fantasies are all coming true.......Except for the one about Peyton's wife. 

5.Doug Baldwin- 8 catch/ 136 yds 1td

Baldwin has turned into a steal of LaGarrette Blount proportions. Getting players this solid as undrafted free agents should be illegal. How did Harbaugh pass on his own guy? Baldwin is legit, but with Mike Williams and SIdney Rice ahead of him, and with T-jax still the starting QB, I can't see the magic continuing. Nice pickup though for the Hawks. Maybe worth a roster spot in fantasy. Scoop him up, if you're feeling froggy. 
WR Chumps
1.Larry Fitzgerald- 4 catch/66 yards

This is not how Larry legend wanted to show out in front of his hometown fans. 6 points is simply to low to get out of your number one wideout, especially in a game where your team is down from the get-go. Fitz should have been force fed the rock. He does have the best hands in the game you know. Let him use them. His use was more wasteful then putting Val Kilmer in "The Missing." My God, he fell off. 

2.Mario Manningham- 5 catch/56 yds

Everybody's breakout star has now officially taken a back seat to Victor Cruz, who look's like the real deal. The thing is, that even with Cruz's emergence and the immense talents of Hakeem Nicks, there are still ample opportunities for Super Mario to make plays. He better start soon or his career will end up like former Yankee, Shane Spencer. 

3.Vincent Jackson- 3 catch/ 34 yds

Kind of to be expected when Jackson has known injury. He was basically just playing to be a decoy most of the game it seemed. V-Jax owners have to be ecstatic for the upcoming bye week so they can get him back to full strength and back to being one of the best in the game. 

4.Sidney Rice- 4 catch/38 yds

Rice dropped a dud so the aforementioned Baldwin could get loose with it. Problem is, nobody started Baldwin, but many of you started Sidney Rice. Sid has looked pretty good thus far though, so don't be too quick to give him up for scraps. I like his style. 

5.Ochocinco- 2 catch/23 yds

His "Basketball Wives" reality show fiance has to be on the verge of leaving this chump. She did it to Antoine Walker when he somehow went through over 100 million in NBA money, so you know she doesn't mess with losers. Shoot, she might be creepin with Andy Dalton. Do your thing A.D.!

6.Brandon Lloyd- 1 catch/20 yards

If not for that amazing catch on the final drive Lloyd would have finished with the always pleasing GOOSE EGG. He really saved himself there. 

7. Percy Harvin/Jordy Nelson

There is no excuse for Harvin's production. Nelson's is, that he play's for the Packers, so you can't expect a big week from him every time. 
TE Champs
1.Vernon Davis

Can you imagine this freak on a team with a good QB? He would be the best in the business, and that's no lie. San Fran has finally started getting the ball to big Vern the past few weeks and it's paying off for them as well as fantasy owners in a major way. I see this continuing throughout the season. Feed him.

2.Joel Dreessen 

I thought Casey was supposed to be the worthy fantasy start this weekend? I won't believe you if you tell me you started Dreese. 

3.Jimmy Graham 

Another week, another 100 yard performance. Jimmy is as real as it gets when your talking about Miami products. There is nothing Officer Rick Ross like in this man-child's past. He's a stone-cold monster. 
TE Chumps

1.Jermichael Finley

How many drops did Fin have? Too many, including an easy one in the end zone. The guy is a little over the top with his first down celebrations and should probably calm down a little. Especially, when he's dropping gimme's all day. Old men hate players like Finley who celebrate any yard gaining play.  I love them. 

2.Scott Chandler

Anyone remember this bum?

3.Marcedes Lewis

GOOSE EGG!!!! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 
Champ Kicker
1. Sebastian Janokowski

Kick his ass Sea-bass!!!

Kick his ass Sea-bass!!!