by Justin Henry
Cold Hard Football Facts' Meme Machine (@jrhwriting)

This should certainly make league-sponsored hype easier.

Manning and Brady writes itself, to the annoyance of fans who like 'different'. The optimist would say that Manning and Brady's matchups define the era, much like Aikman and Young almost a quarter century ago, or Bradshaw vs. Stabler in the 1970s. The contrarian will say both men's legacies are already definable. For me, as a fan of history, what's one more battle between the icons?

At least there's Seattle and San Francisco for the rest of the gang. A week of talking points could be on its way, as Jim Harbaugh and Richard Sherman are prone to providing bulletin-board quotes about the opposition. This game could well be Bodybag Game II, especially with a trip to the dance hanging in the balance.

Again, for the NFL Hype Machine, like shooting fish in a barrel.