1) Jets:
With Santonio Holmes injured and possibility of missing week one, the Jets do not have a veteran starter to play the outside. The Jets might also use this as a chance to steal a few pages from Miami and New England, not that Johnson was ever accused of becoming a pro in either system.

Johnson might get a workout and sign a deal that he has to make the team to be guaranteed any money. This would cover the Jets if Holmes makes a recovery and Johnson displays the same signs from last year, they can cut him with no big money losses. 

2) Texans:
The Texans are still seeking a legitimate number two wide receiver and Johnson might be just what they need. Similar to the Jets deal above, they could offer him a contract and make him prove he still can play the position at a high level. The worst case scenario is if Johnson can’t start he can offer some insurance if Andre Johnson becomes injured again.  If Johnson can’t play what so ever, they can just cut him before the season starts, but this way it makes the young guys fight harder for their roster spot.

3) Vikings:
The Vikings have a need for a playmaker with Jerome Simpson facing a three game suspension and Adrian Peterson’s status still being up in the air for week one.  Percy Harvin is still a legitimate threat at wide receiver when he can stay on the field, but one would assume he will be doubled every time he steps out of the huddle. The Vikings offense was bad enough last year.

4) Titans:
With Kenny Britt facing the possibility of a lengthy suspension, the Titans could use the veteran for some insurance. Britt is also coming off an ACL injury so this might not be such a bad move. Johnson has said he will only play outside and Tennessee is one of the few teams that can offer that job to him with the clear cut number one facing suspension and coming off a serious knee injury. 

5) Rams:
The Rams tried a similar experiment with Brandon Lloyd, who was clearly a better receiver then Johnson.  The Rams have a huge need and could consider making this move but is it worth it while they’re trying to rebuild the team and instill confidence in their young QB?

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