Chad Henne Jacksonville Jaguars new general manager started his regime by telling the fans in the city and the sports media that the team was not interested in making Tim Tebow a part of the franchise.

That did not make the sports media hopefully very happy.

Then, the new mind of the franchise said the team would not be a major player in free agency and would go to training camp with Blaine Gabbert still on the roster.

That too did not sit well with many of the fans here in town.

The team traveled to West Virginia and has been kicking the tires on the idea of drafting Geno Smith with the second overall pick in the 2013 Draft on April 25.

That got the fans fired up and excited. But in my opinion, that is not the option this team needs. Smith is not Robert Griffin III or Cam Newton.

What Caldwell, the Jaguars and the fan base has forgotten is the fact Chad Henne is still on the roster and will go to camp to battle for the starting quarterback position. Anyone who saw film of the last six games of the season knows Henne provided Jekyll and Hyde moments the team either really liked or cringed at.

Still, it is the belief of myself and maybe some others that Henne may be the best option for the team this year. I was a fan of Henne being signed last season to a free agent contract and I think he would be a better option to start given the “weapons” at his disposal.

Henne and Gabbert may have produced similar numbers last season, but you could tell Henne was a more fluid passer and the receivers were more in sync with the veteran behind center. I am not saying Gabbert is not a leader, because there are intangibles like his toughness that cannot be denied. What I am saying is that Henne’s accuracy and his decision making may be slightly better.

And the fans seemed a bit less uncomfortable when No. 7 trotted out on the field.

Gabbert lost his spot due to injury, and Henne tried to take advantage of the opportunity. That is the way football works. Business and winning first.

This year’s draft class is not great by any means. Smith is the best of the lot and he is looked at to fall anywhere from the second overall pick to the middle of the first round by several draft guides and online sites. I personally think he will be drafted by Philadelphia at the fourth selection overall.

The free agent market yielded nothing and names like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb are not the answer here in Florida.

What Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley must do is go into this season understanding there are two arms in camp, not one. Giving the job to Gabbert or looking to a rookie to solve this team’s issues can only mean this franchise knows it will be some time before it can win. And that is not an option as far as the fan base is concerned.