A week ago, the Minnesota Vikings had the week off from the NFL, were a two quarterback committee with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel and had the best runner in the NFL in their backfield.

This week, The Vikings quarterback situation is a tad more complicated. Josh Freeman has been added to the mix, Christian Ponder’s future is questioned and at some point, head coach Leslie Frazier will have a decision to make should this team continue to tumble.

The Carolina Panthers looked like world beaters when they too apart the New York Giants. Since then, the team is looking for a win and looking for a reason to keep fans optimistic.

Both teams have a big task ahead of them. The Vikings were a playoff team last season, the Panthers a middle of the pack franchise. This season, there are two wins combined to show for their effort. Things must change and they must change in a hurry.

Here are three bold predictions for this contest…

AP has 200 yards rushing

There is nothing better than seeing Adrian Peterson run to daylight. I used to think Walter Payton was the greatest runner I has ever seen play football, but now I am torn between Peterson and Payton - both have elite styles that make them great.

If you want to show early on you are going to win, keep the ball, give it to Peterson and let him do the rest. Carolina will be busy all day trying to force the star to the sidelines.

Ponder makes a statement

Ponder needs to have a huge game this week, knowing a player like Josh Freeman is waiting in the wings. Removing Ponder from the lineup would be tantamount to admitting the Vikings made a mistake by drafting him in 2011, and when first-round quarterbacks are out of a job before they have made 30 NFL starts, there are usually organizational consequences, according to ESPN.com.

Look for Ponder to throw for 325 yards and three scores.

Cam Newton has a four-touchdown day

The Panthers still have Newton and he will be the catalyst for the Panthers offense. I suspect Newton can throw two touchdowns and run for two in the same game.

Newton is forgotten now that Andrew Luck and RGIII and Russell Wilson are in the league. He still has the flash and flare he did when he came to the NFL in 2011.