The Chicago Bears staged a tremendous comeback over the Carolina Panthers Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.  

Early on in the game it very much looked like the hero of the game was going to be the Carolina Panthers' defense and the zero of the game was going to be Jay Cutler.  However, about halfway through the third quarter, this game changed in a huge way leading to the Bears stunning come from behind victory.

Hero of the game: Tim Jennings, Cornerback Chicago Bears

It was because of Jennings heads up play that the Bears had the opportunity to come back and ultimately win this football game.

Jennings made life very difficult on not only Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton, but also wide receiver Steve Smith.  Though Jennings did not completely shut down Smith, he did highly limit Smith's effectiveness. Just before halftime Newton was nearly sacked and for some reason threw the ball away but not totally out of bounds.  Jennings came out of nowhere with a diving interception right near the sideline.  

Later on, in the fourth quarter on the first play after a Bears' touchdown, Steve Smith lost his footing on the Soldier Field turf and Jennings easily intercepted the pass.  Jennings then took the ball 25 yards to the end zone for a touchdown, giving the Bears the lead late in the game.  It is plays like these that helped propel the Bears to victory, making Jennings the hero of this game.

Honorable Mention for Hero of the game: Panthers Defensive Line, Panthers Wide Receiver Louis Murphy, Bears Defense, Bears Wide Receiver Earl Bennett

Zero of the game: Cam Newton, Quarterback Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton has a lot of growing up to do.  The Panthers collapse has just as much to do with Newton as it does their defense forgetting how it stopped the Bears' offense late in the third quarter.  

Early in the second quarter Newton fumbled going into the end zone; luckily Panthers' wide receiver Louis Murphy fell on the ball in the end zone for the touchdown.  Rather than celebrate with his team and be thankful that a near disaster was averted, Newton went to the sideline by himself and sulked.  That is not what a leader of a team does in that situation.  Later on, just before halftime, Newton had the bone headed interception when he should have just taken the sack.  It is poor decisions and actions like these that in the end hurt the Panthers, leading Newton to zero of the game honors.

Honorable Mention for Zero of the game: Jay Cutler, Chicago's offensive line, Panthers' 2nd half defensive collapse, Panthers' 2nd half play calling