The Carolina Panthers were established in 1995. Wow! That means they are barely legal, all these older teams need to keep their hands off of them. Unfortunately for the Panthers quite the opposite has been taking place these past few seasons. The last time Carolina reached above .500 was in 2008. That being said, could this 2013-14 season be the year they snap this 5 year drought?

1. Cam Newton wins the “NFL Most Valuable Player Award”

Cam Newton brings raw talent to this Carolina Panthers offense and opens up options that were not available with Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore, or Jimmy Clausen. This upcoming season the Carolina Panthers have the toughest schedule in the entire NFL. That means Cam Newton will have to play against some of the top defenses in the entire league. Cam Newton will rise to the occasion and prove to the NFL that he can make it happen as an NFL Quarterback. Cam will throw for more than 4,500 yards for the 1st time in his career. Not only will he throw for 4,500 he will also punch in 1,000 yards on the ground as well. That will earn him the title “NFL Most Valuable Player”

2. Brandon Lafell Records Over 1,000 Receiving Yards

Brandon Lafell a 2010 3rd round draft selection for the Carolina Panthers has never reached 1,000 yards as an NFL Wide Receiver. In fact, the highest amount of yards he has recorder in an NFL season is 677. That personal record took place last season when the Carolina Panthers finished 7-9 and second in the NFC South. Every single season Brandon Lafell has been in the NFL he has record more yards than the previous season. If Cam Newton is throwing for 4,500 yards this season you better believe that 1,000 + of them yards are going straight to the palms of Brandon Lafell. Besides, 34 year old Steve Smith might be using a walker by then. Who else would Cam throw to?

3. “Smash & Dash” A Blast From the Past

In 2009 DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart earned their nicknames “Smash & Dash” as they both rushed for over 1,000 yards. To have 2 Running Backs from the same team rush for over 1,000 yards in the same year is EXTREMELY rare and very unlikely. They have only done it once, until this upcoming season when it happens again. Neither one of these Running Backs have rushed for 1,000 yards since that 2009 season and they are looking to prove that “Smash & Dash” was not just a one year splash.

4. Steve Smith Uses a Walker and Doesn’t Reach 500 yards.

The last time Steve Smith didn’t reach 500 yards was in 2004 due to an injury. This year Steve Smith’s chances of reaching 500 yards are pretty much 100%. That is if he stays healthy. He hasn’t had problems with his health fortunately. The way the injury bug is biting NFL players this year, I expect this year to be the one season since 2004 Steve Smith suffers an injury due to the fact that he is getting up there in age and will soon be a senior citizen. You duplicate the franchises age by 2 & then you will get right around Steve Smith’s age. He was an impressive 33 year old racking up 1,174 and 73 receptions. Time is almost up for Steve and soon he will have to bring the walker out in order to get down the field.

5. Carolina Panthers Win the NFC South

The Carolina Panthers have won the NFC South a total of 2 times since the division was created in 2002. Every year this division seems to have some of this stiffest competition and this year the competition is stiffer than it has ever been. With the Atlanta Falcons projected to play in the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints getting their Head Coach: Sean Payton back, & finally the Tampa Bay Buccaneers creating an elite secondary with the additions of Darrelle Revis and Dashon Goldson the Carolina Panthers seem to be counted out early. This Carolina team will sneak in and shock the entire world by completely smothering all of the competition they run in too.

1- Carolina Panthers 12-4

2- Atlanta Falcons 10-6

3- New Orleans Saints 8-8

4- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14

6- The Carolina Panthers Win the Super Bowl

This in fact might be the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard. I know it’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard right next to number 5, down the road from number 4, standing behind number 3, crawling over number 2, and giving number 1 a big ol’ kiss. In the NFL all things are possible. Even Tim Tebow got a win over the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers with an 8-8 Denver Broncos in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs a few years back. If that can happen so can this. Carolina Panthers winner of the 48th NFL Super Bowl? Now that sounds pretty cool. Now watch it happen.