The name "megatron" is the name associated with the villianous decepticon from the kid-series and movie trilogy "Transformers". However, after his Detriot Lions beat a team that has often been the called the black hats of the NFL and having the second best yardage performance in a single game by a wide receiver in league history, Calvin Johnson has given the name "megatron" a good name. 

The winning touchdown play was Matthew Stafford's, but Johnson's play on Sunday afternoon was a big reason why the Lions upset the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson's performance, especially in the fourth quarter is on par with some of the best wide receivers in the 95-year history of the league. While Stafford passes the ball and steers the ship of that team, Johnson is the Lions' compass leading Detroit down the field and is hard for defenses to bring down. Johnson is also the man who has some of the moves of a running back that can be hard for cornerbacks to keep up when trying to prevent him from getting the Lions to the red zone and the end zone. 

Calvin Johnson is playing at a time when great wide receivers aren't doing most of the work as they once did. We have quarterbacks now in the present who are faster and more mobile. Sure, the NFL has Victor Cruz, Larry Fitzgerald, and Wes Welker as today's other top receivers. But because of the evolution of the multi-dimentional quarterback and the growth of tight ends, wide receivers don't get much of the attention as they once did in the age of Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Michael Iwvin, Lynn Swann, and John Stallworth. 

Calvin Johnson is the one-two punch on the Lions' offense. He gives Stafford breathing room and golden opprtunities to capitalize on the while driving to the end zone like on Sunday against Dallas. While Dez Bryant was fighting with teammates over who should get the ball, Johnson played straight forward and is a reminder that wide receivers still matter in today's NFL. "Megatron" sure is living up to his name and for Lion fans something to cheer for.