QB- Carson Palmer QB, Arizona Cardinals 
- This pick may draw a lot of criticism because of the obvious Kaepernick and Wilson being passed up. But, I think we are talking for 2013 who I would pick and it is Palmer. You have to take account sophomore slump intertwined with the league passing them.

RB- Marshawn Lynch RB, Seattle Seahawks
- Lynch is the most dynamic of the four. But, not by much it was a tough decision between him and Gore. I just believe Lynch may be a tad more consistent.

WR- Larry Fitzgerald WR, Arizona Cardinals
- Finally has a power arm to throw to him and I believe he will be back to form and put up 1,500 yards this season.

WR- Percy Harvin WR, Seattle Seahawks
- Harvin was traded in the off season and it was maybe the best move of the whole off season. This guy is electric when on the field but if I could put him in my everyday lineup in the slot. I wouldn't even have to think about it.

WR-Anquan Boldin WR, San Francisco 49ers
- Boldin takes WR number 3 solely because Crabtree got hurt, if not for that Crabtree would be here.

TE- Vernon Davis TE, San Francisco 49ers
-Davis is not even close to any of the other tight ends in this division. What he is able to do when it matters most is what sets him apart from almost any of the others in the league.

OT- Jake Long T, St. Louis Rams
- Jake Long was a great off season addition. He will bring immediate help to an offensive line that was having issue already

OT- Joe Staley T, San Francisco 49ers
- Staley is a gamer and he comes in day in and day out with a bull type of mentality.

OG-Mike Iupati G, San Francisco 49ers
- He seems to quietly put up great numbers every year. He also has been a under the radar perennial pro bowler.

OG- Jonathan Cooper G, Arizona Cardinals
-Yes he is a rookie but there is no question this guy can hang with the best of them. From scouting him in college like I did he has showed me that he might not only of been the best guard out there but maybe the best player.

C- Max Unger C, Seattle Seahawks
-Basically he was a key point of the rebuild in Seattle and what a good decision that was.

Defense- 3-4

DE- Cliff Avril DE, Seattle Seahawks
- Injuries could derail this guy, but he got his contract and I believe he is ready to play.

DE- Calais Campbell DE, Arizona Cardinals
- Campbell maybe the most underrated in this division. At 6'8'' is an actual beast. 

DT- Ray McDonald DT, San Francisco 49ers
- McDonald is a very great stop gap kind of guy. He can close a hole in less than 3 seconds and makes every center look absolutely stupid.

OLB- Aldon Smith OLB. San Francisco 49ers
- Smith makes it known when he is on the field. He by himself changes a game by at least 3 points. He is a 15+ sack guy a year.

OLB- Navarro Bowman OLB, San Francisco 49ers
- Bowman and Smith make an interesting duo. They are the NFL's version of the Bash Brothers. Daryl Washington could of been here but with the suspension it is hard for me to put him there.

MLB- Patrick Willis MLB, San Francisco 49ers
-Willis is by far the best Middle linebacker in the NFL today. He also leads the most prolific defense in the league. I would pick him to run my defense 10 times out of 10.

MLB- James Laurinatis MLB, St. Louis Rams
- Laurinatis has been one of the most consistent out of the linebackers. He could definitely fit the second inside man. 

CB- Richard Sherman CB, Seattle Seahawks
- Sherman coined himself "Best in the World". I hate that self-absorbed mantra he walks around with. Yet, there is no denying his play on the field as one of the best in the world.

CB-Cortland Finnegan CB, St. Louis Rams
- I know, I know, where is Peterson. Under normal circumstances he would be here. But next to Sherman I would pick Finnegan. Finnegan can seemingly be more of a zone cover type corner.

FS- Earl Thomas FS, Seattle Seahawks
- Thomas makes it known when he is on the field. He also makes it known when he hits you. Those are the criteria that I want in a safety. 

SS- Kam Chancellor SS, Seattle Seahawks
- Chancellor is a tackling machine. With Thomas being the "Ball Hawk" he is, we can use Kam's tackling.

Special Teams

K-Greg Zuerlein K, St. Louis Rams
- Zuerlein is "POWERFUL" he very well could set a record for the most 50+ yard field goals in NFL history.

P- Andy Lee P, San Francisco 49ers
- Lee is quietly (because he is a punter) becoming one of the best punters in the league. He very well might be already. 

KR-Patrick Peterson KR, Arizona Cardinals
- Here you go Cards fans. Peterson has made it on the list. He might be taking over as one of the Leagues best. You guys also have a stud returner in the "Honey Badger"

ST- Heath Farwell LB, Seattle Seahawks
- Farwell had 17 special team tackles last year and he said last week that he would like to have 30 + special team tackles.


Coaching Staff

HC- Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams
-If I had to choose one veteran leading coach for one season I would choose Fisher over everybody. Obviously you have guys like Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh. But, if we are talking leaders it would be him.

OC- Greg Roman, San Francisco 49ers
- He led a pretty elaborate offense in 2012. He can handle anything.

DC- Vic Fangio, San Francisco 49ers
- The choice here would have been Gus Bradley but he has since left. So I would have to go with the best defenses coach and that is Fangio.