Just when fans and critics thought it could worsen no more for struggling teams facing the San Francisco 49ers, the Buffalo Bills quickly found themselves in the middle of a beat down situation. By the games’ conclusion and a 45-3 score, the Bills inked records of futility. Here are some of the numbers: the 49ers set a franchise record with 621 total yards; they became the first team in National Football League history to gain 300 yards rushing and passing in a game; and the Bills became the first team in the history of the NFL to give up at least 550 yards in consecutive games in the same season.

Specifically, Alex Smith’s passer rating was near perfect while throwing 3 touchdowns. The Niners had two 100-yard receivers (Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis) and nearly two 100-yard rushers. Frank Gore ran for 106, while Kendall Hunter rushed for 81. Both backs averaged more than seven yards a rush. It was all bad for the lowly Bills from Buffalo.

San Francisco had seven plays of 20+ yards and would score touchdowns on four consecutive drives. To make matters worse, the 49ers completely stifled Buffalo’s offense. The Bills were held to 204 net yards and only 10 first downs the entire game.

Buffalo got pounded in all phases. The total unit struggled from the coaching staff down to the players. Nevertheless, the coaches should receive the brunt of the criticism. The team had been reeling since the second half of their previous game. It appeared they had an effective plan, no answers and it became immediately clear not long after kickoff.

I was one who believed the 49ers would open it up this game (Buffalo Bills vs. San Francisco 49ers: Three Bold Predictions). They did and in the meantime, Alex Smith was able to put up some of the best numbers of his career. He was the hero of the game. While playing perfect football in the first half, he also set career highs in several other categories including his 12-16, 237 yards in the first half. Smith is more confident than ever and it showed Sunday. He made the right decisions and all the throws setting the momentum for The League’s best team. Thanks to Alex Smith, the Bills could not contain the Niners offense, nor were they any where near containing them.