EJ ManuelBetter than expected. That is what we can say about the Buffalo Bills and their performance this season. As one of the teams (with the New York Jets) to knock the Miami Dolphins out of the playoffs.

I guess if you cannot make the playoffs then the best thing you can do is become a playoff buster and spoiler.

The Bills can bask in this position, but in reality, there needs to be a move toward the second season of the year.

Head coach Doug Marrone has some nice pieces to work with in 2014 and the upcoming draft could bring them a stud receiver.

This is a year that could be a game changer for Buffalo and its fans. Here are three resolutions that could help Buffalo become a contender, not just an also ran.

Jim Kelly

I say this jokingly, but it is so true - there will never be a quarterback in the history of this franchise like Kelly. EJ Manuel has a great arm and is more athletic than any player to start at the position, but he is injury prone and needs to settle into the position.

Admittedly, it looks like Geno Smith is the better rookie this season. Maybe Buffalo made the wrong decision in the Draft. When all is said and done, Manuel must develop some of Kelly’s grit to be great. The Bills were much better than expected this season, but they are still a year or two away from being a contender.

Stability at home

While the team plays in northern New York, the Bills used to sell out in the 1990s and now, the team almost eagerly wants to play in Toronto, which is a stone’s throw from Buffalo. Now, with a great coach and players who can play, the fans need to come back to the team and show they support the effort.

At some point, New England is going to tumble, and the Wilson family must be ready to make a move forward - and keep the team in the city, not as a traveling circus.

Andre Reed’s ghost

The Bills have Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods and nothing else. The Bills need speed on the outside. Look for this team to take a swing at someone like Marqise Lee of USC, Sammy Watkins of Clemson or Mike Evans of Texas A&M. All three could solve this team’s issue of a speed burner on the outside who could also play in the slot and provide a end zone threat this team needs.