Saints Bills

1. Rob Ryan's defense is nasty.

We already knew the Saints defense was improved. It really couldn't have been worse than last season's historic debacle. But beyond just competent, it has shown itself to be aggressive, calculating, and confusing to opposing offenses. Being incompetent was the difference between the 2012 Saints winning seven games and missing the playoffs, and winning the NFC South. Ryan's schemes, coupled with the return of Sean Payton's leadership and aggressive play calling have the Saints poised to go deep into the playoffs.

2. It doesn't matter if Jimmy Graham is hurt.

Graham is an athletic freak, and next to Calvin Johnson, the most dynamic pass catching weapon in the NFL. There was a ton of speculation heading in to today's game on whether Graham's plantar fasciitis would keep him out. Even if he played, it seemed likely he'd be working on limited snaps. Graham played. Graham scored - twice. Yes, he did play fewer snaps than he might have had he been fully healthy, but his ability to stretch the field and still pull down passes while being double, and sometimes triple covered makes him an offensive threat like no other - fully healthy or not.

3. Thad Lewis is tough as nails.

Lewis was hit hard and taken out of the game on the Bills' first offensive play of the game. He was down, and not moving momentarily. Fast-forward to the next offensive series, and Lewis was back zipping the ball down field to Scott Chandler. The rest of the game, Lewis continued to be blasted and put on his back by Rob Ryan's blitzing, aggressive play calling. Yet, he kept fearlessly coming back for more. Lewis may never be the Bill's, or any other NFL team's answer to reach the next level and win a championship. But nobody should ever question toughness, desire to win, or ability to will his team to stay in a game.

4. Kenny Stills will be really, really good. Then he'll disappear.

Welcome to the Saints, Kenny. You've been inducted into the prestigious club of such part-time superstars as Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, and Robert Meachem. What does that mean? Well, it means when the likes of the previously mentioned Jimmy Graham, or even Marques Colston are blanketed with defensive backs, there will be game plans and specific schemes Sean Payton puts together to create two touchdown performances like today. Stills will likely disappear the week after such a performance when next team on the Saints' schedule zeros in on him, and Drew Brees goes back to the likes of Graham...or Lance Moore...or Jed Collins...or Robert Meachem...or Nick Toon. You get the idea. Don't get too enamored with the likes of Stills. He's going to have moments of greatness, and fade into oblivion from week to week. It's the Saints' way of doing business, and it's why they're so good. 

5. Fred Jackson needs more action.

With the ineffective C.J. Spiller out injured, it was no secret Fred Jackson was going to see an added workload. The Bills gave up on Jackson way too early, though. The only effective way to slow down a nearly unstoppable Saints' offense is to keep the ball away from them. Giving a strong, effective back like Fred Jackson only 15 carries is not the way to keep the ball away from Drew Brees. As mentioned before, Thad Lewis is tough. But if you're asking him to carry the load of an entire offense and keep up with the likes of the Saints, you're asking for trouble. If the Bills want to compete, and keep their defense fresh and off the field, they'd be wise to ride the Fred Jackson train.