Let’s see what a difference a week makes for the Miami Dolphins.

After a bye week and a two-game losing streak are fans going to see the Dolphins team that beat Cleveland, Indianapolis and Atlanta or are they going to see the team that fell apart in New Orleans and could not overcome the defending Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens?

There are plenty of questions to be answered down toward South Beach.

The Dolphins will prepare for their AFC East rival - but have no idea who will be behind center on Sunday. EJ Manuel, Thaddeus Lewis or even newly signed Matt Flynn could all make the start. Both Manuel and Lewis are injured and their status is unknown. Manuel had surgery on his meniscus and is likely out for a longer period of time. Lewis sprained his foot and is in a walking boot. It looks like Flynn will start, but it has not been announced.

Here are three bold predictions for Sunday.

Dimitri Patterson and Cameron Wake return

After injuries plagued them before the bye, having the week off helped both players heal. This means the defense is whole again. Patterson will help in coverage in the secondary while Wake provides a huge upgrade in pass rush. If the Dolphins secondary is covering the Bills all over the field and Wake is coming off the snap and living in the Bills backfield, it should mean that whoever is behind center for the Bills will be on the run most of the game.

100 yards for Lamar Miller

Two things will happen in this game. First Lamar Miller will flash his running legs and get 100 yards against the Bills. Second, the offensive line will show some improvement for the Dolphins. Both must work together if the team is going to press for a playoff spot.

Miller was supposed to be the bread and butter of the Dolphins running game, but cannot seem to get out of his own way this season, The Dolphins also cannot seem to get out of their own way when it comes to run blocking and protecting Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins quarterback has been sacked 24 times this season. Look for Miller to have 115 yards on the day.

This one is a blow out

I am not going to spend a ton of time on this one. The Dolphins come out and make a statement. They put the foot on the gas and don’t take it off until the team wins 34-17. I think the week off will do wonders to let this team heal and gel.

Tannehill throws for 300 yards. Wide receiver Mike Wallace catches nine passes. Miller runs for 115 yards. The line does not allow a sack. The team comes together.