Here are five things we can take away from this week's game:

The Texans Can Win Dirty

The Bills hung around way too long in a game they should have been crushed in. A lot of credit goes to Buffalo, but most goes to the Texans offense who came out very flat. In the end they were able to string some yards together and win by a wide margin and that is what good teams do-- stay in the game when not at their best and finish games. The Texans have shown that they can blow teams out, get blown out and get up the next week, and now that they can win when not at their best.

Matt Schaub Is The Next Elite QB

Schaub finished 19 of 27 for 268 yards and 2 touchdowns. It didn't seem like an all time performance but Schaub was the best we have ever seen him. He made big throws when they counted and made no mistakes. Many analysts believe that Shcaub leads the pack of the second tier quarterbacks; he played like he belongs with the best.

Andre Johnson Still Has Gas In The Tank

His play has come into question as of late. Many believe that Andre is no longer one of the top wide receivers in the league, but Johnson showed otherwise. His 8 catches for 118 yards made him look like the old Andre Johnson. It also gave him his 40th game with 100 yards receiving. With Schaub playing the best he ever has, Arian Foster playing like the best running back in the league, and the second best defense in the NFL, Andre Johnson's top level play makes the Texans almost unbeatable.

Ryan Ftizpatrick Is Better Than Advertised

I said the Bills deserve a lot of credit for staying in the game longer than they should have. Most of that credit goes to Fitzpatrick. He played as well as he has all season and was making big time plays. His running backs struggled all day, his receivers couldn't catch a ball to save their lives, and they were still in it until the fourth quarter when Houston ran away with it. Many blame Fitzpatrick for the Bills' poor play, but I think they are better with him than most people realize.

Arian Foster Is Poetry In Motion

It looks so peaceful to watch him run. It's almost as though he isn't trying, or really doing anything. Then you look up and he has a 116 yards and a touchdown. Then he reminds you he is capable of lowering his shoulder and bringing a boom. There is no doubt that he is the top back in the league, even if Doug Martin goes into God-mode every week.