A new stone has been turned for this young and exciting team as of Week 4.

Sure they might have made a few bonehead plays that could of cost them the game, but they are the Bills. That's what they do.

Except not this time.

Rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel held strong as did the defense, forcing the Ravens to submit at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills don't beat teams like this. It's a big deal for Western New Yorkers and fans elsewhere. The last time the Bills beat a big name team, let alone Super Bowl Champions, was against the Patriots a few years ago. Now that, was intense.

I'm not necessarily saying Coach Doug Marrone will be holding up the Lombardi trophy come February, but they are heading in the right direction with a few bumps along the way. A few of those bumps being injuries to key players like cornerback Stephon Gilmore and safety Jairus Byrd who have yet to play a regular season game. These guys could have made all the difference in Buffalo's close losses. However, the fillers and the rest of the defense have looked mighty fine most of the time. Especially with the help of rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso who is making a fair run at defensive rookie of the year the way he's playing.

Although C.J. Spiller has yet to have a break-through game, he atleast has a rock solid safety net(how about that oxymoron) in Fred Jackson. The guy slices through defenders like my Italian uncle slices pizza. A lot. The rookie in Manuel has been exposed several times, but so has the flashes of hope. With time this guy will be a serious threat. That goes for rookie wide reciever Robert Woods too.

Buffalo has a slew of young talent and personel that is already making waves. This fresh new bunch is going to bring fierce competition to the playoffs sooner than you think.