1) Get ready for some fast paced football

OTAs were played at a fast pace and snaps were made 15 second into when the play clock started. This isn't going to be your Manning-type offense with audibles, hot routes, and a last second snap. This strategy was probably the reasoning behind picking EJ Manuel instead of Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib.

2) There's a punter battle

I think I'm the only person I know who truly appreciates the punter position and it excites me to see two players duking it out for the solo roster spot (unless Buffalo wants to keep two punters on their roster). Shawn Powell and Brian Stahovich are two the two guys battling to be the man in charge of giving the opposing team horrible field position. We'll see how this works out in the end.

3) There's also a quarterback battle

Tavaris Jackson vs. Kevin Kolb vs EJ Manuel

This is the battle for starting quarterback that will headline Buffalo until opening day. You would assume that, in the long run, the starting job is EJ Manuel's position to lose. Kevin Kolb and Tavaris Jackson are two veterans who can keep up with the fast-paced offense and will have a field day with the talented receiving crew. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two veterans are the week 1 starter.

4) Watch out for Rodgers

The undrafted Free Agent signing, Da'rick Rodgers, has been lighting up the stage with his performance so far. He will obviously be given a lot of chances to play and is going to be a sleeper pick of mine in fantasy football. There isn't enough you can say when you get more than your value back from a UDFA. If he plays the slot this season, he can be the type of breakout that Victor Cruz was for the Giants.

5) Blitz packages

The Buffalo Bills have been practicing a lot of blitz packages against their own offense. This shows that they're probably going to focus a lot more on rushing offenses into making mistakes and getting passes out of the pocket early. The Bills can get away with it since they have a linebacker crew they can mix and match with.

6) Hands on coaching

Head Coach Doug Marrone says he will be a little bit more hands on with his coaching techniques than he has with his Syracuse squad. Obviously there has already been confusion between him and the Buffalo Bills fans when the Bills picked EJ Manuel and not his ex-quarterback Ryan Nassib. We'll see how this whole "hand-on coaching" will turn out for the Bills.

7) There's still a running game

C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are still two great running backs who will tire out defenses all season. This running game will still be utilized by Coach Marrone's new fast-paced offense.

8) Rotation Shuffling

With injuries and OTA experimenting, many have witnessed different offensive line combinations and linebacker assignments. This shows that the Bills are prepared for anything down the line and that the they won't have to go through trouble while players get accustomed to their new assignments.

9) Receivers

I've mentioned Da'rick Rodgers earlier, but the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends look good for EJ Manuel and the Bills this season. Scott Chandler will still be the same productive player he was last season for the Bills, but he will now have to share the ball with second round pick receiver Robert Woods, third round pick Marquise Goodwin, and undrafted free agent Rodgers.

10) Defense

The new Bills defense will be geared to create confusion through their formation and blitz packages. It'll be fun watching the Bills play a ton of Nickel Packages this season with their 3-4 defense. They also have second round pick Kiko Alonso, who the Bills believe is an upgrade to their style of defense.