Head coaches Tom Coughlin and Greg Schiano’s late game feud has stirred controversy around the NFL, but the owner who came out with a possible solution on Tuesday was not from the Giants or Buccaneers. It is not a surprise, however, the owner that came forward was the always garrulous Jerry Jones.

Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, says the kneel-down play should be banned from the NFL according to Nation Football Post.

“I’ve always thought that that’s a wasted play for our fans, the kneel-down,” Jones told KRLD-FM in Dallas.

He went on to say former Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt tried to introduce a rule that would penalize teams for kneeling the ball, and the clock would not run. Therefore, teams would have to try and advance the ball.

Despite trying to clear up a controversy, Jones really did nothing but add to it. The team with the ball, and most likely the lead, has the right to do whatever it wishes including the kneel-down play. Same goes for the team with the ball at the end of the first half and only seconds remaining. They should not have to throw a Hail Mary if they just want to head to the locker room.  

This kneel-down discussion started on Sunday afternoon after the conclusion of the Giants/Buccaneers game. With seconds remaining, Quarterback Eli Manning went into the victory formation, but the Tampa Bay defensive line rushed the quarterback like any other play.

Tampa Bay’s attempt to jar the ball loose resulted in Giants head coach Tom Coughlin yelling at Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano during their handshake. It is important to note, Schiano has coached as many games in the NFL as Coughlin has won Super Bowls.