When I first heard that Bears’ LB Brian Urlacher was dating Jenny McCarthy -Playboy's Playmate of the Year (1993), I immediately went to the biggest Bears fan I know, my friend Bryan, to find out his opinion.

As a lifelong fan, and quite frankly having a lil’ bit of a football man crush on Urlacher (see photo below taken in his man cave), I knew my friend would have some strong opinions regarding this new relationship. Surprisingly, though he was fairly nonplussed. 
“I think it’s cool. He’s a Brian, I’m a Bryan. She’s a Jenny, my wife is a Jenny… Go Bears!”
Bryan and Brian (photo by Sara Clothier)
What? That’s not what I wanted.

I expected some biting diatribe on the possibility of a celebrity jinx.

If that bleepity-bleepin’ Playboy bunny ruins our chance at a Super Bowl, I swear, I’ll rip up all her photos… and his!

But nothing from my friend other than, I think it’s cool. Which unfortunately means that I’ll have to breach this “jinx” subject myself.
First of all, is there really a such thing as a celebrity jinx?

Well, yes and no.

“No,” there is not a mysterious force in the universe that curses a player who dates a starlet, but “yes,” if talk starts to surround your game that your girlfriend is a distraction, then guess what… she’s a distraction.

Just ask Tony Romo.

Remember the Jessica Simpson distraction? One bad game for Romo while Simpson sat in the luxury suite, and the Dallas press dubbed her the “Yoko Ono” of the Cowboys.
It’s the problem of “dual-celebrity.” It is hard enough being in the public eye in this media driven society, but add another public figure into the mix, who just happens to be holding your hand as you walk down Rodeo Drive, and you’ve created a paparazzi dream come true. This scrutiny is why Hollywood relationships don’t normally stand the test of time. You wont soon hear many young couples say, “We want a long and committed relationship. You know… like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”
Of course, there are exceptions. There are always exceptions.

Take Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

Brady has definitely NOT been cursed by that particular celebrity pairing, but also consider that Brady is one of the all time great quarterbacks in NFL history and he just doesn’t make enough missteps to let the press break that jinx seal.

However, if you need proof that it could happen, even to Lord Brady, remember that one of the biggest stories following the Patriots’ last Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants was that Bundchen was caught on tape blasting Brady’s teammates after the game. Oh, Gisele, you must be careful. The press is waiting to pounce. 
All that being said, I don’t have some secret desire to see the celebrity jinx befall the Bears this season (though Urlacher is already prone to early injuries), and QB Jay Cutler has enough to worry about with the birth of his new baby boy, which is only a news story because the mother is pseudo-celebrity Kristen Cavallari of Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Just beware, Bears fans: the first TV cutaway showing Jenny McCarthy munching on a hot dog right after Urlacher misses a sack on Aaron Rodgers and OH BOY, let the jinx begin.

I, however, wish those two lovebirds -Urlacher and McCarthy, not Urlacher and Rodgers- all the best that a celebrity relationship has to offer.

I give it six months.