According to ESPN, In a stunning move, the New England Patriots have reportedly signed ex-Jets QB (If that's what you want to call his position) Tim Tebow to a deal. (6/10)

The ex-Bronco and Jet signal caller saw very little playing time in 2012, and was thought to be either headed to the CFL, or getting out of football all together.

But, when there's a will, there's a way.

Well, actually---it's Bill who made it happen.

The longtime head coach has yet to make a statement about the new quarterback joining the team, but it should be pretty hard to escape all the Tebow-talk in the next couple of days, so i'm sure he'll say something soon.

Since Belichick has yet gotten an oppurtunity to speak on the matter, we can only now assume Tebow is competing for a back-up job at quarterback, but are there other positions he could be aiming to get?

Well, Tebow has spent his life as a quarterback and rightfully so wants to remain one Unfortunately, with Tom Brady still on the roster, Tebow would see even less playing time than last year-- if he makes the team.

Since the comptetition (or lack thereof) at QB is a pointless one, Tebow may want to learn the art of being a tight end since it looks like he could be headed that direction.

Especially with all the surgeries for all-star Rob Gronkowski, I could easily see this scenario play out.

If there's one guy who can make Tim Tebow into a different kind of player, it's the guy who's already done it before, Bill Belichick.



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