Michael Vick On Monday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that despite rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick have reached a new deal.

Michael Vick was due $15.9 million in 2013, and one way or another, after a horrid 2012 outing, he wasn't going to get it.

Reportedly, the deal is worth three years, but the 2014 and 2015 years are supposed to be voided on March 15th. 

Obviously, the full details have yet to be released. Chip Kelly is holding a press conference at 1:30 ET and will most definitely be asked about the restructured deal. What does this mean for Nick Foles? Will the Eagles avoid a QB in the draft now?

One thing we do know, is that the deal is roughly worth a year.

How much is the contract worth? We don't know yet, but one can only assume it's somewhere in the realm of $5-9 million.

Another thing we can assume, Vick will be competing for his job. I imagine Foles will be given the opportunity to compete as well, and with two legitimate players competing for a starting position, it brings more doubt to the Eagles possibly bringing in a QB via free agency.

Vick has a real chance to start in 2013, and will fight his hardest in the offseason to earn the chance. 

Got questions? Well, I wish I had answers, not just these educated guesses.

My opinion would be to log onto the Philadelphia Eagles website around 1:30 ET (11:30 MTN),or check out NFL Network and watch as new head coach Chip Kelly is bombarded with questions about his first big move as HC. 

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