jeremy maclin The plot thickens in Philadelphia.

Not only does first-year coach Chip Kelly have to figure out who he wants starting at quarterback this year, now he has to worry about the health of one of his best players.

According to's Ian Rapoport, fifth-year wide out Jeremy Maclin suffered an apparent right leg injury that required him to be carted off the field.

It's unknown right now the severity of the injury, but it doesn't look to be good.

Maclin has long been one of the tougher players for the Eagles, playing through injury and getting up after the big hits. So for him to require a vehicle to get him off the field -- it's bad.

Let's hope No. 18 will find his way back to the field sooner rather than later... but what if he doesn't? Who will take his place?

Well, the Eagles thankfully have lots to choose from on their lengthy WR depth chart.

Jason Avant, who's future was doubted with the team, will now definitely be a factor. Whether he's a starter or not remains to be seen.

Riley Cooper figures to be an option at No.2, as his long frame provides excellent matchups in the red zone.

Second-year wideout Damaris Johnson is also an option, but being smaller than DeSean Jackson -- a slot position would make more senseThen there's the combo of Russell Shepherd and Arrelious Benn, who all the sudden see their chances of making the final roster increase by a little bit.

Either way-- if Chip Kelly comes as advertised, his Eagles will be able to overcome this rather big speed-bump.

In the mean time, I have to start looking for a new Fantasy team name.....Need a new name