When Jeremy Maclin went down with a season-ending injury-- The Eagles brass said they were relying on Riley Cooper to fill the void left by No.18, and that bringing someone in via free agency was out of the question.

After the whole Cooper viral-video thing went down everyone assumed the Eagles would finally pick up another receiver.

But when asked once again, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said he and coach Kelly were more than confident with the players already on the roster, and that seeking outside help was possible but doubted.

Well, today (8/12) the Eagles received Texans Wide Receiver Jeff Maehl via a trade in exchange for offensive lineman Nate Menkin.

Maehl, who is anything but a household name, played his collegiate ball with Kelly at Oregon, so bringing him to compete for a spot makes all the sense in the world.

Menkin being traded in exchange for the receiver draws some red flags considering last year the Eagles offensive line needed all the help in the world. With the addition of Lane Johnson however, it seems the birds can finally rest easy.

Maehl had a prolific college career with Kelly, but went undrafted in 2011 and has yet to break out in the NFL.

Personally, I wouldn't expect Maehl to make a run for the No.2 spot, and probably not a 3 or 4 spot either.

Special teams seems like his home for now, but who knows-- we could see Maehl possibly fight his way onto an already crowded receiving depth chart.

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