The New York Giants and the New York Jets faced off for bragging rights in the 3rd pre-season game with the Jet prevailing in overtime 24-21. Make no mistake, this was a sloppy game by both teams and it exposed make weaknesses for both teams. He is a quick recap of the game highlights and lowlights:


  • David Wilson 84 yard run for a TD.
  • Ryan Torain looked strong and quick with his performance
  • Josh Brown and Steve Weatherford play well again for the 3rd straight game.
  • Jerrigan, Talley and Collins played better than expected as they battle for a roster spot.
  • Kickoff return (especially Michael Cox) looked good.
  • Bosworth, Herzlich and Amukamara performed well. Bosworth has a good chance of winning a roster spot. Herzlich is now even with Connors for the starting MLB position; and Amukamara is by far the Giants best CB.


  • Manning for the 2nd week in a row did not look like Eli Manning at all. Once again, his throws seemed to have no velocity and his accuracy was for the most part inconsistent.
  • Punt returners all looked horrible and this should be a concern for the Giants.
  • Curtis Painter did not do enough to convince Coach Coughlin that he deserves a roster spot.
  • Aaron Curry once again was out of position on a number of plays and unless he plays lights out in the final pre-season game; should not make the roster.
  • Giant’s defensive unit (1st unit) did not impress me at all and were at times physically manhandled by the Jets OL.

Final Thoughts:

If not for the poor play of Geno Smith, the Giants defense would have been graded with an n F grade instead of a C+. There should be concern by the Giants Management, Coaching Staff and the fans regarding the play of the Giants in the 1st 3 pre-season games. This team is a long way away from being a playoff contending team and if Eli Manning doesn’t rebound and return to form; the Giants will be leading the league in most punts per game and most FG attempts per game.