The following e-mail came to us at 1:07 Friday morning from alert reader and honorary angry troll Tony of Malden. Ron Borges has long had an inexplicable disdain for the New England Patriots, their ownership, and their current quarterback. It's an indefensible position at a time when all three rule professional football, so Borges has been reduced to calling Patriots fans names. Express your displeasure: write to Borges and tell him he's a tool.


"I heard this with my own ears.
"Ron Borges was discussing the Tom Brady/Peyton Manning thing with Tom Caron on NESN's Sports Extra tonight. He said that anyone who would rather have Brady than Manning as his quarterback, if he were starting a franchise today, is 'an idiot.' In fact, right after he made the statement he said 'everyone has a right to be an idiot of he wants to.'
"Now this is a highly qualified statement, since Borges went on to say, 'but if you want a guy to win the next game on Sunday, you probably want Brady.'
"His 'point' seemed to be that Manning is the QB you want if you're starting an expansion franchise, but Brady is 'probably' the QB you want to win a big game for you.
"Does this make ANY sense to you?
"I thought the reason you choose a particular QB for your team is because you think that guy, whoever he may be, gives you the best chance to win the game, ANY game, on Sunday.
"Ex-Patriot Tim Fox, on the panel with Borges, was pretty incredulous. He said, 'Well, I want to win the game.' But then Borges, using his illogical, 'if you're starting a new franchise today, who do you want?' argument, seemed to convince Fox that he (Borges) was right, and that anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot.
"Oh yes, he also declared that the Patriots' defense won the game for them last Sunday in Buffalo, 'even though people don't want to hear that.' 
"Not sure what 'people' he is talking about, or why he feels that this is a controversial statement for him to make. But then again, that cornhole is COMPLETELY paranoid these days, since so many Pats fans out there have taken him to task for his incessant Belichick/Brady bashing over the past two or three years.
"Thought you would be interested to know that in the eyes of Mr. Borges, YOU are an IDIOT for wanting Brady over Manning – unless you're trying to win the game on Sunday, then he agrees that you 'probably' want Brady.

- Tony of Malden


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