When all was said and done, which includes Houston Texans former head coach Gary Kubiak and interim head coach Wade Phillips, there were eight NFL coaches who received a pink slip this season.

There were few surprises. While team general managers and owners scurry to find the right fit for their franchises, the play list of who is available is about a mile long with newcomers and retreads. The fact the Texans appear to have their man in Bill O’Brien of Penn State speaks to the talent pool these six NFL teams have to choose from.

Don’t expect decisions to be made quickly as this process will ultimately become a cluster of stress that will either take a franchise, like Houston, back to the playoffs in a short time, or it will set the team back a few decades.

Are you listening Cleveland Browns brass?

Oh, and just because there was a major shake up in just under 20 percent of the coaching fraternity this season, more might be coming this week. Here are a few more names of head coaches who could still feel the wrath of their team owners.

Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans

I think he may get a reprieve.

Munchak finished 7-9 with issues at quarterback. The Titans beat Jacksonville and Houston in consecutive weeks to finish strong. But who knows what the Titans brass is thinking right now. If Munchak does get the ax, look for him to become a leading candidate to replace Bill O’Brien at Penn State, should he finalize a deal with the Texans and become their head coach.

Dennis Allen

While reports out of various outlets in California say he is coming back next season, it still remains to be seen if he does. Oakland has no real quarterback on the roster, failed in the Matt Flynn experiment and needs more offensive weapons than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There were rumors this past week that Jon Gruden was tied to the Raiders again and could be interested in coaching his former team.

I guess we all must see how this one plays out.

Jason Garrett

This might be a foregone conclusion, but Jerry Jones will take his own sweet time before he decides he has had enough time to play with the marionette strings. Also, the Cowboys will more than likely get rid of defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Whether offensive coordinator Bill Callahan is fired depends on whether he becomes a candidate to replace Garrett.

And after all that is done, then we see if Jerry Jones releases or trades Tony Romo and rebuilds this team. Hmm, maybe this team needs a real general manager.