Bill O'Brien came into the broken and distraught program of Penn State amidst a college football scandal bigger than we have ever seen before.

The Penn State head coach was praised nationally for his outspoken and forthright approach while dealing with the media during the tragic outcome of the sexual abuse scandal. He picked up the broken shards of glass that was the Penn State program and announced that these events that occurred over the past year will not be a deterrent to the teams ultimate goal, to win football games.

After Penn State got off to a slow start losing its first two games, the Nittany Lions were given a jolt of momentum and went on to win eight of their last 10 games to finish second in the Leaders Division.

After a total of 15 players had transferred from the program due to the sanctions laid out by the NCAA, many in the media had all but written off Penn State, but O'Brien helped invigorate the strong senior class and those who stayed to an 8-4 year.

Coming off of the current season, O’Brien was awarded Big Ten Coach of the Year honors by both coaches and the media.  Rumors then sparked that O’Brien would be moving on to a different college program, but in a recent interview all rumors were dismissed when he stated that he would be returning to coach the Nittany Lions for an additional season.

"I plan on being the head football coach at Penn State (in 2013)," O'Brien said Tuesday in an interview with 790 AM "The Zone" in Atlanta. "That's my plan and that's what I intend to do."

Expect Coach O’Brien to remain at Penn State for not just one, but many years to come.  What had just culminated in Happy Valley over the past year and a half has never been seen before in the history of college football.  O’Brien rallied a football team and an entire university to come together and beat the demons of the past that were shadowed over their heads. 

Bill O’Brien has committed himself to the Penn State name, and he doesn’t want to leave the University worse off than when he got there.  If he were to leave today, the program would be in complete disorder for the foreseeable future.  Penn State has two top ten verbal recruits in QB Christian Hackenberg and TE Adam Breneman, and if O’Brien leaves you can expect those two top recruits to be gone as well. 

Right now, Bill O’Brien is holding a solid job even with the NCAA sanctions looming over the entire program.  If these 8+ win seasons start to become a trend, you can look to see Bill O’Brien on the sidelines of Beaver Stadium for many years to come.