In the latest episode of “Football Nation Today,” Alex talks about the biggest stories around the NFL through a third of the season.


1st Down: Alex speaks with Chris Warner, a contributor to and  Is the lack of an elite team in the NFL this year due to increased parity, or mediocrity?  The Patriots are 3-3, as are the other three teams in the AFC East.  How much blame does Bill Belichick shoulder for the lack of defensive progress with the Patriots over the past several years?  Plus, are the great successes the rookie quarterbacks enjoying a product of their abilities, or the changed landscape of the league?


2nd Down: The Cleveland Browns have officially changed ownership, and Mike Holmgren is out as team president.  Alex looks back at Holmgren’s disappointing tenure in the Browns’ Front Office, and whether the environment he worked in was conducive to success.  Speaking of success, the Eagles are once again falling short of it.  Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has been fired.  Is Andy Reid next?


3rd Down: In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex debates whether Peyton Manning’s precision or Norv Turner’s ineptitude is more responsible for the Broncos’ stunning back on Monday Night, the impact of the major injuries to the Ravens defense, and whether Pete Carroll is a good head coach.


4th Down: In the “Reimer Rant,” Alex explains why he is sick of the Dallas Cowboys, and why you should be too.  They’re not worth an ounce of the attention they receive from the mainstream media.


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