The Bills had high praise from experts around the league and media outlets going into the regular season, largely thanks to the acquisition of free agent phenom Mario Williams.  But with 14 tackles and 3.5 sacks through 7 games, I wouldn't say he's lived up to the $100 million dollar contract he was blessed with.

After a devastating loss to the Titans today, the Bills drop to 3-4, and are also 0-2 in the division.  With everyone else in the East hovering around .500, they are still very much in the hunt, but the defense has to be a concern for the Buffalo faithful.  The defense has yielded nearly 2,600 yards and 24 touchdowns over the first 7 games of the season.  Today the offense was able to put up 34 points, but it wasn't enough for the Bills to get a win because the defense gave up 35 to a mediocre Titans team. 

There's been a lot of scrutiny around Ryan Fitzpatrick, and he tends to take most of the blame for Buffalo's woes, but I think it's about time we put the blame where it needs to go.  The defense has already given up over 1,000 yards rushing through 7 games and opposing teams are averaging a staggering 6.4 yards per play.  This lack of production isn't going to win too many games for your ball club.

Luckily for the Bills, the AFC is extremely weak and littered with parody, so there is plenty of time to correct these issues.  It's going to take a great effort on offense, minimal turnovers, and Mario Williams to start earning his pay.  If the second half of the season can be favorable for the Bills and everyone else continues to struggle in the East, they can still make some noise as we move through December.