Lannay Kekua was supposed to be Manti Te'o's girlfriend, and Notre Dame was supposed to be a football team. Both of these were found to be false by the end of the season. Do I feel sorry for anyone who's taken advantage of by this "Catfishing"? No! This is a generational problem with the texting and dating, while there's no real people involved. What happened to meeting up with witnesses involved? If it's not real and in your face, then never fall into la la land.

Just like Manti's so-called girlfriend, Notre Dame never showed up on the football field. Maybe, this was a diversion to forget about the beating that Alabama handed Notre Dame. It's just a thought- not a fact. Notre Dame had an average season with close games against dumpster fire teams. If the strength of schedules had more weight, ND wouldn't been there.

I like Catfishing because you know what you really have when reeling in the fish, while the worm is a tangible bait.

Delusion is defined as belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.  This is what Manti T'eo was feeling when he came across the Internet.

Confusion is defined as the inability to think as clearly or quickly as you normally do. This is what Notre Dame felt when they came across a real college football team: Alabama.


Sweetheart's Stuff   

Delusion and Confusion - things Stuart experienced when he first met me! Or did he really meet me?

We spoke on the telephone, sent letters in the mail (yes, snail mail. I like things I can touch).I was there when we married - all three times. But he really doesn't know the real me. Do you really ever know anyone? You only know what they want you to know and sometimes that is a lie. Most people meet one person, date another and marry another. Just when you think it's over, you awake one morning, get out of bed, and see a different person. This person still sleeping, while you took the kids to school in the car with the fogged windows. This person whom will get out of bed only to pee. This person whom will request breakfast in bed because it's his day off, and he deserves it because he's been working hard all week. And biting your lips is messing up your lipstick so you release the tension and scream, "I gave BIRTH!"

A small part of me can understand why one might prefer Cyber Seduction, Fake Friendships, Laptop Love, Blackberry Booty, Facebook Fantasy...

not so Sincere,