The Giants did more than just win in Dallas, 41-35, Monday night. They did more than secure their grip on first place in the Glamour Division with a 5-2 record. And, yes, they even did more than snap Tony Romo's collar bone like a wishbone after dinner.
The Giants also delivered yet another victory for a Cold, Hard Football Facts road dog.
As you know, we love dogs: we love baseball hot dogs. We like deep-fried ripper dogs. And we certainly love St. Bernard dogs that come to our rescue with a barrel of brandy around their neck.
But mostly we love road dogs. They've traditionally been a big hit for the Cold, Hard Football Facts. And the 2010 season is no exception.
Basically, when we say a road dog is going to win outright, it's usually a huge success. They win more often than not. And they almost always make it closer than the experts think. The 2010 season has been no exceptions.
The Giants were 3.5-point dogs heading into Dallas Monday night. We predicted a three-point win for New York. They won by six. It was the jewel on the crown of a big week for the Cold, Hard Football Facts: 10-4 against the spread with our real and spectacular picks.
So far this year, we've picked a full slate of road underdogs to win outright here in 2010. Yup, 16 of them. More than two per week. Nine of those 16 have in fact bucked the odds and won outright on the road against a favored opponent.
Eleven of those 16 covered the nut.
The Giants and Cowboys have been frequently targets of our prescient analysis:
In Week 3, the Cowboys were 3.5-point dogs at Houston. We predicted a Dallas win. Dallas won, 27-13. It remains their only victory. Just a week later, the Cowboys were a ridiculous 6.5-point favorite at home against the Titans. We told you Tennessee would win outright. Tennessee won outright, 34-27. Of course, we also told you that the Cowboys would win in Week 6 at Minnesota (-1.5). The Cowboys lost in Minnesota.
In Week 3, the Giants were 3.5-point favorites at home against the Titans. We told you the Titans would win 20-16. The Titans won 29-10. A week later, the Giants were 3.5-point underdogs at Houston. We told you the Giants would eke out a 1-point win. The Giants hammered out a 24-point win (34-10). And then, of course, came last nights victory at Dallas.
Here's a look at the fate of the 16 road dogs we said would win outright here in 2010.
St. Louis at Tampa Bay (-2.5) 
Our pick: St. Louis 13, Tampa Bay 10
Result: Tampa Bay 18, St. Louis 17 (1-0 ATS, 0-1 straight)
N.Y. Giants at Dallas (-3.5)
Our pick: N.Y. Giants 26, Dallas 23 
Result: N.Y. Giants 41, Dallas 35 (2-0 ATS, 1-1 straight)
Atlanta at Philadelphia (-3.5)
Our pick: Atlanta 23, Philadelphia 20
Result: Philadelphia 31, Atlanta 17 (2-1 ATS, 1-2 straight)
Dallas at Minnesota (-1.5) 
Our pick: Dallas 23, Minnesota 20
Result: Minnesota 24, Dallas 21 (2-2 ATS, 1-3 straight)
St. Louis at Detroit (-3.5) 
Our pick: St. Louis 24, Detroit 20
Result: Detroit 44, St. Louis 6 (2-3 ATS, 1-4 straight)
N.Y. Giants at Houston (-3.5)
Our pick: N.Y. Giants 24, Houston 23
Result: N.Y. Giants 34, Houston 10 (3-3 ATS, 2-4 straight)
Tennessee at Dallas (-6.5)
Our pick: Tennessee 24, Dallas 21
Result: Tennessee 34, Dallas 27 (4-3 ATS, 3-4 straight)
Philadelphia at San Francisco (-3.5)
Our pick: Philadelphia 24, San Francisco 17
Result: Philadelphia 27, San Francisco 24 (5-3 ATS, 4-4 straight)
None (but three road dogs did win outright that week).
Tennessee at N.Y. Giants (-3.5)  
Our pick: Tennessee 20, N.Y. Giants 16
Result: Tennessee 29, N.Y. Giants 10 (6-3 ATS, 5-4 straight)
Dallas at Houston (-3.5) 
Our pick: Dallas 33, Houston 30
Result: Dallas  27, Houston 13 (7-3 ATS, 6-4 straight)
Oakland at Arizona (-4.5) 
Our pick: Oakland 21, Arizona 20
Result: Arizona 24, Oakland 23 (8-3 ATS, 6-5 straight)
N.Y. Jets at Miami (-1.5) 
Our pick: N.Y. Jets 17, Miami 16
Result: N.Y. Jets 31, Miami 23 (9-3 ATS, 7-5 straight)
Kansas City at Cleveland (-2)
Our pick: Kansas City 19, Cleveland 16
Result: Kansas City 16, Cleveland 14 (10-3 ATS, 8-5 straight)
Denver at Jacksonville (-3) 
Our pick: Denver 24, Jacksonville 23
Result: Jacksonville 24, Denver 17 (10-4 ATS, 8-6 straight)
Carolina at N.Y. Giants (-7) 
Our pick: Carolina 27, N.Y. Giants 24
Result: N.Y. Giants 31, Carolina 18 (10-5 ATS, 8-7 straight)
Yup, we were drinking some weird Carolina Kool-Aid at the start of the season.
Baltimore at N.Y. Jets (-2.5)
Our pick: Baltimore 23, N.Y. Jets 21
Result: Baltimore 10, N.Y. Jets 9 (11-5 ATS, 9-7 straight)