The Big East has recently been the laughing stock of the BCS conferences, but this season looked like that was all about to change as the top teams rose up the national rankings.

Of course, in true Big East fashion, the top contenders lost to teams they shouldn't - namely Toledo, Kent State and Connecticut - and the return to joke status was almost complete. 

Despite a four-way tie at the top of the conference (another Big East staple), Louisville won the trophy and earned the sole BCS spot, while the other teams had to make do with middle-tier bowls.

Syracuse stomped over old rival West Virginia in the snow-bound Pinstripe Bowl, while Cincinnati needed a big comeback to put away Duke in the Belk. The real shocker was in the Sugar Bowl when Louisville had their way with No. 3 Florida in a 33-23 win that wasn't really as close as the score suggests and regained a little bit of respect for the conference. 

The Big East is in a state of flux with a number of teams jumping ship to the ACC and Big Ten, while teams from non-BCS conferences are stepping in to take their place, or at least the Big East powers hope so. How this will affect their BCS standing remains to be seen, but we will have further details as they arise.

Read on for the team reviews. Teams are in order of finish.