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Julius Peppers The Chicago Bears are coming off of an incredible comeback win against the Minnesota Vikings and will be prepared for Sunday Night’s matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are starting their season off at 0-2, which is unheard of since coach Tomlin took over as head coach.  With the Steelers' loss against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night, there is a strong possibility the Bears will dominate this Sunday’s game. 

The Bears will need to start off fast and strong against the Steelers' defense.

Bears pass rush comes alive. The first two games of the season there was no real pass rush coming from the Bears' defensive line. Last week, DE Julius Peppers was sick and played regardless of how he felt. He was obviously not a hundred percent. Defensive coach Mel Tucker will work heavily this week on the pass rush and prepare for the Steelers' offense.

Look for Peppers and the boys to hit the Steelers' weak front line and topple QB Ben Roethlisberger to the ground. He will be sacked at least three times in this game

Forte will rush for well over a hundred yards. The Bengals were able to win against the Steelers on the ground by moving the ball down the field. The Bears will need to utilize the talents of RB Matt Forte and Michael Bush against the Steelers' lack of speed. 

Coach Marc Trestman will have Forte run the ball exclusively during this game, running for over 120 yards. With Forte’s speed he will reemerge as a force to be reckoned with.

Cutler will throw for 3 touchdowns again. QB Jay Cutler is now establishing a rhythm with his receivers. He has the power arm to make it happen and as seen in last week's game against the Vikings, he can hit his targets. But he needs to be careful on 3rd and long situations as SS Troy Polamalu is still as fast and as agile as he has always been. Polamalu will be looking for opportunities to fly over the offensive line and take Cutler down. 

With the speed of WR Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey, this will give Cutler the opportunity to throw deep. He will connect for 3 touchdowns early in the first half, the first one to TE Martellus Bennett.

Special Teams will have fun picking off QB Roethlisberger. The Bears' defense will stop the run as much as possible, but it will be the incredible plays from cornerback's Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings that will turn the game around to the Bears' advantage. 

Let’s not rule out KR Devin Hester who ran 80 yards last week against the Vikings. Watch for Hester to get his first kick return touchdown of the year on the opening kick against the Steelers. It will make for an exciting game.

With a win against the Steelers, the Bears will have established a respect among the league that this team is no joke and they are playing for a championship. Don’t underestimate the Chicago Bears. It’s time to believe in Monsters!