Last season the motto surrounding Chciago Bears running back Matt Forte was "Pay the Man". This season it may be "Feed the Man" -- the ball that is.

The latter is in reference to Forte seeming upset after Sunday's 41-21 romp over the Indianapolis Colts, in which his backup, Michael Bush, was given the ball in two goal line situations.

With the buzz around Halas Hall being focused on how great this Bears offense is and can continue being, Forte has seemed to create some negative buzz of his own.

Forte, who signed a 4-year $32 million contract just before the start of training camp, was asked after the game about Bush getting the call on two goal line scores. Although he didn't come out and say he was upset, some beg to differ with his comment.

"It's been happening my whole career here," he said. "But that's the coordinator's (Mike Tice) call."
The disgruntled Bear may have cause for concern on one drive. Bush's first score was setup after a 15-yard run by Forte gave the Bears a first-down and goal at the 1-yard line. Forte also had a 32-yard scamper earlier in the same drive.

But shouldn't this concern be kept in-house?

After all wasn't Bush brought in to chew up the tough yards and goal line situations?

Maybe Forte is feeling the pressure of finally having a legitimate back-up. In years past the Bears have signed Chester Taylor and Marion Barber to compliment Forte. Neither worked out. Neither possess the all-around skill set as Bush either.

And Forte acknowledged his backups abilities.

"Mike can do it all," Forte said. "It's not like he can't do the same thing."

Bears coach Lovie Smith, echoed the same sentiments in the Bears post-game press conference.

"That's why we brought him here," Smith said.

Forte finished the game with 80 yards rushing with a touchdown and added 40 more yards receiving, while Bush added 42 yards on the ground and the two scores.

So the question is, can the two co-exist? Only time will tell. Friendly competition should be a good thing. Let's just hope Forte can set his ego aside, and get back to a team first mentality and continue to make news on the field and not off it.

TRAVIS DAVID is a contributor for Football Nation and can be reached at Follow on Twitter @Tdavid_21.