Well, it looks like Bears general manager Phil Emery has managed to do what Jerry Angelo couldn't. And that is provide his team with a legitimate threat at wide receiver. Someone who can be viewed as a legitimate threat, and is considered one of the top receivers in the league.

And that man is Brandon Marshall.

The Bears will trade third round draft picks in 2012 and 2013 in exchange for Marshall's services. This looks to be a bit of a steal considering how highly Marshall is rated around the league.

This will of course reunite Brandon Marshall with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The pair played together at Denver and developed a good relationship both on and off the field. 

Marshall is a multi time pro bowler, who has good size as well as excellent strength. He is an agile receiver, not afraid to catch the ball across the middle. He may not be the most explosive in terms of speed, but he has enough to gain some separation. 

Getting a top receiver was definitely the Bears' main need as they headed into this year's free agency. Cutler joined the Bears 2 years ago and he has never had the threat at receiver that he and the team needed. Devin Hester hasn't developed into the type of wideout that the Bears hoped he would. Johnny Knox is coming off back surgery and we don't know what type of form he will return to. Earl Bennett has proved to be Cutler's favorite target and is a solid player, but he's not a top 10 receiver in the league.

But Brandon Marshall is one of the best in the NFL. Jay Cutler must be filled with positivity as the Bears look to the coming season. But I am sure he is pushing for the Bears to sign another receiver. Whether that be through free agency or April's NFL draft, the Bears will do well to add more depth to their receiving corps.

For many years now, the Bears have always seemed to make the defensive positions a priority. Head coach Lovie Smith is a defensive guy, and they do say that defense wins football games.

Well, maybe things are about to change in Chicago. Maybe Jay Cutler throwing touchdowns to Brandon Marshall wins football games.