BCS Bowl Games: Little Teams Get a Spot on a Big Stage

By Sweetheart&Stuart Mason
December 05, 2012 12:50 am
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I wonder if the Sugar Bowl will sell out? When the Florida Gators play the Louisville Cardinals, the Gator fans better show up to fill up the New Orleans Superdome. To common sense fans, Oklahoma would be the right team to play the Gators.

The Orange Bowl has a real treat. Florida State will have fun in blowing out Northern Illinois. I think they should give the Alabama and Notre Dame fans a buy one get one free deal. FSU will not have enough fans who will go down to South Beach for a sale out. Georgia would've been a very good match up for FSU.

I know what the fans would say on this subject. They would speak about the time Utah blew out Alabama or the Boise State upset of Oklahoma. It could happen, but one game doesn't give a team that right to be in a BCS Bowl game. If Northern Illinois or Louisville wants to be respected, then they both should play a list of teams who either Georgia or Oklahoma have played this season: Notre Dame, Florida, Kansas State, South Carolina, or Alabama.

Now, tell me if any of these smaller programs could play this schedule? The point is that these small teams need to play at least two of these teams listed to earn a BCS spot.

It's sad that the two best teams in the nation had to play in the same conference championship game. The balance of power is only in the SEC conference. There is no balance of power for the rest of the nation.


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2 years ago
I agree with you about the SEC. Now that the Reg. season is complete and we have seen each teams' full body of work, there should be some way of determining if the odd man out of the championship picture (the 3rd Ranked Team) is really only the 3rd Best. Here is what could be done-it is very subjective, but aren't the POLLS also very subjective? Let "experts" determine who would be favored in a Round Robin of games involving the Teams Ranked 1, 2, and 3 in the Final Poll. In other words, who would be favored if: ND played Ala., if ND played Fla., if Ala. played Fla. If 1 team would be favored in BOTH games, then they should be Ranked No.1, and if another team would not be favored at all, then they should be Ranked No.3 If it's that cut and dried, then the other Team would obviously be Ranked No.2-and the Championship game would be set.
2 years ago

If there is a mixture of favored teams and no clear cut winner or loser, then I guess the Polls Rankings would have to be the last word. But this year, I have a hunch the Champ. game would be Ala. against Fla.
2 years ago

I just thought of a better way to say a mixture of favored teams-as long as 1 Team would not be favored at all, then they would be Ranked No.3, but if they all would be favored in 1 game then the Polls would rule.
2 years ago

I would guess that Ala. would be favored over ND, and Fla. would be favored over ND, but I'm not sure about Ala. vs. Fla.

WOW Bob, you sure have alot to say...perhaps even more than Stuart! - sincerely, Sweetheart
2 years ago

What are your thoughts on the idea, and who do you think would end up being ranked 1 and 2? I don't like long, long paragraphs of posts, so I prefer to break mine up into smaller posts.

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