The 2013 season for the Baylor Bears has been one of, if not, the best if their program’s history. The Bears are coming off a 41-12 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners. The win for the Bears was only their second win ever over the Oklahoma Sooners. The Bears now have their sights set on the Big 12 title and possibly even a national title berth.

The Bears have an explosive offense as they have nearly scored 70 points in half of their games this year. The offense of the Bears has gained national recognition, but in their win against Oklahoma they proved that the Baylor way wasn’t all about offense. The Bears defense kept them in the game the first half while their offense endured its worst half of the season.

The Bears’ defense held Oklahoma to 12 points and shut down Oklahoma in every stage of the game in the second half last week. The Bears now have the final four games of their season remaining and will prove if they are worthy or not of all this national attention they have gained the past several weeks.

Baylor has Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas left to deal with and all four games will bring enormous amounts of pressure for the Bears. Baylor will have to play with a target on their back from here on out and this is a position, needless to say, the Bears have never had to deal with.

Texas Tech is the first on this stretch of four games and it will be played in Arlington, Texas. This game has all the makings of a good old fashion west coast shootout. Last year the final between these teams was 52-45 in overtime with Baylor coming out on top. This year expect another shootout between these two.

The Bears then travel to Oklahoma State to face the Cowboys. Oklahoma State will be the toughest remaining opponent on their schedule. The Cowboys being at home will certainly raise their confidence level and should create the toughest road environment of the entire year for Baylor. This is the one game I believe Baylor slips up in and loses their perfect season. The Cowboys has the offense to keep up with Baylor in scoring and has a decent defense that could cause Baylor some problems since the game is in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Bears then travel to TCU to face the Horned Frogs. This game is another test that Baylor will have to endure. It will be the second straight road game in a tough environment that could cause the Baylor offense some problems. TCU has always prided itself on good defense and Baylor playing in TCU would have to deal with the crowd and the defense of TCU. I believe if Oklahoma State takes down Baylor, the Horned Frogs could do the same.

The Baylor Bears close the season against the hottest team in the Big 12 the last two months. The Texas Longhorns have had an amazing turnaround after losing two of their first three games of the season. The Longhorns fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and since then the defense has been terrific. The current defensive coordinator of Texas, Greg Robinson, has worked wonders with this talented group and it has help provide six straight wins for Texas.

Baylor has this game at home in Waco, Texas and an offense that would be too much for Texas to keep up with. The Longhorns are not an explosive offensive team and having to keep up with the possible 50 or 60 points of Baylor would be a huge challenge. Texas’ defense would give them a shot at winning, but this game being in Waco would be the difference.

The Baylor Bears being in the Big 12 do not have to play a conference title game, which could hurt or help them in the long run. The conference title game would give them a game to help boost their resume, but it is also another game that they could potentially lose. At this point, it’s unclear whether the lack of a conference title game will have any influence on how the season turns out in terms of national title hopes.

The Baylor Bears are in the midst of a dream season for the program as they set at 8-0 and number five in the BCS standings. The Bears will show if they are worthy of this ranking in the last four weeks of the season and if they prove to be so, a national title appearance could be waiting. The Big 12 title is what their sights are set on now and at this point have to be the clear favorites, along with Texas, of claiming the title.  The Bears are a great story to follow and have helped show the country what great stories in college football are all about.