It's a dark day here at the Cold, Hard Football Facts world headquarters.
Slingin' Sammy Baugh, the record-setting passer and all-purpose player so good in so many different ways that we dubbed him the Pigskin Messiah, died Wednesday night. He was 94.
You can read more about Baugh's death here in this Associated Press report.
"It's a sad day for the football world and for me personally," said CHFF publisher Kerry J. Byrne. "Like most modern football fans, I didn't know much about him a few years ago. And I didn't know him personally. But over the years, reading about his exploits and studying the history of the game, I came to learn so much about  Baugh and his skills. He might have been the greatest football player of all time, and also one of the great athletes in all of American history. The way the game has changed, I can honestly say there will never be another player like him and I like to think we did our part to keep alive his memory."
Baugh was a hero of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, a player who could truly do it all. Here are some of the Baugh highlights from the CHFF archives. We'll also have more about him later today.