After Alabama won their third title in four years, Nick Saban had some unfinished business with the A&M Aggies. "Johnny Football" embarrassed the Crimson Tide on their own field in 2012.

When most fans should've been bragging and discussing the Alabama Crimson Tide in the offseason, the team was long forgotten thanks to Johnny Manziel. From a Texas University frat house to drinking on the night before a Manning Academy event,  Manziel couldn't stop doing wrong. (Speaking of the Manning Passing Academy, Alabama A.J. McCarron distanced himself from Manziel and took full responsibility for his actions.)

Manziel shrugged off the whole camp ordeal and had even more trouble when it came to light that "Allegedly" he signed and sold his autograph.

Manziel only sat out for one half of their first game against the Rice Owls - what Johnny wants, Johnny gets!

This has got to infuriate Nick Saban. Saban is a controlling coach who believes players should shut up and listen, but the only way Saban could control Manziel, is to beat him and put him out.

The first time that Alabama sacks Manziel, he will try to play mind games with that Kirby Smart defense with his trash talking.

Nick Saban needs to settle his team down, personal fouls could hurt their opportunity. I see this game erupting into a young QB having to dodge some head shots.

Alabama doesn't want anything or anybody being more important in college football. Manziel is a rich kid who beat the Tide, hangs out with Drake, won a Heisman, and doesn't care what Saban or anyone else thinks about him. This sets Manziel as a target for a team that had its importance taken away.


Sweetheart's Stuff  

As far as Nick Satan (not a typo) goes, let another team add a zero to that check and he'll be gone before you can put those stupid little flags on the side of your not-so-mini minivan.

And as for Johnny Fools-ball, Si on Duck Dynasty is more entertaining and better eye candy!

"It's on like Donkey Kong"