DeSean Jackson The Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) will be hosting the Baltimore Ravens (1-0) on Sunday for their 2012 home opener.

The Eagles struggled mightily against the Browns last week, but scratched and clawed their way to a victory.

The Ravens on the other hand, destroyed the Bengals offensively and defensively.

When I previously broke down the Eagles' schedule, I said this would be their toughest game, and so far that seems to be dead on.

With that in mind, here are three BOLD predictions for when the Ravens come to Philadelphia.

1. Eagles Keep Joe Flacco Under 250 Yards Passing

If there was one positive from the Eagles game on Sunday (besides being a win) it was the play of the defense. They played remarkably recording four interceptions and held the Browns to zero touchdowns on offense.

The score was in fact 17-16, but the Browns' only touchdown came off of a Michael Vick interception (which was returned for a touchdown).

The Eagles' safeties look to become elite, while the corners are finally becoming the athletes they were supposed to be last year.

The linebackers on the other hand, are playing remarkably. Demeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks together recorded five tackles each, and neither missed a hit.

The defense as a whole, only missed three tackles last week versus last years average of 6.8 missed tackles per game. At this rate, the Eagles are on pace to become a top NFL defense, while second-year defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, might just start to look like a genius.

2. Ravens Cause 3+ Turnovers

The obvious thing to take away from the Eagles Week 1 game is Mike Vick's rusty. The Ravens on the other hand walked all over the Bengals with a final score of 44-13. The Ravens' offense seemed to have the ball the whole game. When the defense did get a chance to play, they either got the ball back, or forced a punt almost immediately.

The Eagles recorded five turnovers against a mediocre defense last week, (four of them belonging to Vick) If they can't keep up with a so-so Defense, how do they hang with the Ravens?

At this point for Michael Vick there are two things that can happen, he can either learn from his mistakes, and return to 2010 form, Or he can be even more skittish in the pocket and continue to give the ball away.

3. The Philadelphia Eagles Win

I did say BOLD right?

At this point, the Ravens are heavily favored due to their performance Monday night, and rightfully so. Like I stated in my last paragraph, Vick has two choices. Hopefully, he will choose the first and learn from his mistakes as we all know he can. 

Unfortunately, he needs to play a lot of catch up to have a perfect game against the hard nosed Ravens, so I don't expect one. Maybe an interception hopefully not two, possibly a fumble, but I don't see him ever performing the way he did again last Sunday (besides throwing for over 300 yards). 

A whipping like the Eagles took last week (Vick specifically) may have been the best thing that ever happened to them. The Eagles have Super Bowl aspirations, and thankfully they got a reality check early on in the season. Look for the Eagles to pull the upset of the week when they win their home opener for the first time since 2008.

Final Score: 21-17 Eagles