After the smoke clears from the 2013 Super Bowl Championship parties and celebrations' for the Baltimore Ravens' accomplishment, and the retirement tour of Ray Lewis, what's left of the Ravens going forward?


Like every Super Bowl winner, the questions immediately arise of whether they can do it again the following season; not since the 2003-04 Patriots has a team repeated as Super Bowl Champion.

Baltimore knew going into next season that they were going to have to deal with the loss of team leader, and an opinion shared by many the organization's leader, Ray Lewis as he made it very clear that last season was his swan-song.

Unfortunately, for the Ravens their hopes of being the first repeat champion since The Pats has taken a hard hit, due to free agency and the Anquan Boldin trade. The "uh-oh" reverberations have already begun to hit Ravens' Nation hard and heavy:

  • @NFL_Stats tweeted: Dear Ravens Fans,Was it worth it?

  • @RealSkipBayless tweeted: The Ravens just lost Ellerbe to Miami?! Kruger, Boldin gone. No Ray. No Ed? Ravens in BIG TROUBLE.

The Ravens signed their Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Joe Flacco, and deservedly so (but with an 86.3 career QB.R many question the total dollar amount), after watching top (and most importantly young) Free Agents: Paul Kruger & Dannell Ellerby walk away an following the trade of the ultra-professional wide-out Boldin (after he refused to take a pay cut) the big question becomes was the money for Flacco well spent and what kind of team will he have around him next season. Giving up Boldin, the Ravens are banking on 3rd year Torrey Smith and 7th year man Jacoby Jones as productive starters for their $100 million quarterback to throw to, a big gamble after such a huge investment.

Boldin's loss was huge for the offense but even bigger may be the loss of Kruger & Ellerbe, as the defense was already faced with searching for a "new" identity without its spear head Lewis. More potential bad news awaits Ravens' fans with the next question of whether All-Pro Safety Ed Reed follows his fellow defensive stars right out the side door? Since today was just day No. 1 of Free Agency stay tuned!