Elam No group of rookies drafted last April could potentially contribute this much immediate effort to their respective teams.

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FS, Matt Elam: A

Your freshman safety is one inch shorter (5-foot-10) than Baltimore’s backyard legend Ed Reed and seven years younger than Bernard Pollard.

Don't fear, the pick out of Florida carries both of his predecessors’ playing styles and – hoorah – is much faster than they were.

Speed in this league kills, and the Ravens “D”-partment has plenty of the five-lettered S-word to go around. Elam’s run-stopping instincts are shark-like and his knack of breaking up passes makes him a legitimate dual-threat in Baltimore's secondary.

Elam’s seamless communication skills on the back end have impressed head coach John Harbaugh.

Don’t let his 5-foot-10 stature fool you -- let’s hope that he remembers to get up and run the ball after he picks off Andy Dalton or Ben Roethlisberger this season. For now, hope that his ego doesn’t outgrow his height.

ILB, Arthur Brown: B+

Arthur Brown’s involvement in the offseason training activities was limited due to him recovering from a sports hernia surgery. He’s back, yes, but in no rush to run the suicide drills. Rehabbing is vital for the young man, especially now in the early stages of his NFL career.

Hands-on experience and repetition will build a player’s confidence however the second-rounder is surrounded by years of mastery: Elvis Dumervil, Jameel McClain, Terrell Suggs, Daryl Smith and Josh Bynes will pour wisdom in our rookie's empty cup.

His return after a four-to-six week recovery will come in time for their training camp in late July.

The Ravens traded three picks (ones in the second, fifth and sixth rounds) to select this rookie from Kansas State and according to NFL Analyst Mel Kiper, he likes Brown the most

DT, Brandon Williams: A

When I saw that the Ravens skipped out on drafting a wide receiver in the third round my initial response was childish: why!?!?

Thank you, Brandon Williams, I’m mature now.

The powerful half-man, half-beast, who scouted as a diamond in the rough of a small Division II school (Missouri Southern State), lifted for 38 reps at 225 pounds at the NFL Combine. He may do more than just snag Terrence Cody’s job at the nose tackle position.

Coincidence and contrivance, his enormous size (6-foot-1, 338 pounds) is a perfect plug to fill in the one and two gaps come wintertime when opposing offenses settle for less points in attempt to manage their time-of-possession statistic (run the clock out). Williams and Haloti Ngata will be a dynamic force in December.

DE-OLB, John Simon: B+

Baltimore and Defense go together like: insert your analogy in the comment section below.

I mean this in the nicest way possible. Simon is a meathead. He bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times at the age of 16, seven less than the mammoth drafted before him (Williams). His superhuman work ethic is an essential ingredient in this time of the Ravens' defense renovation.

The Ravens landed Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year in round four of this year’s draft. Amazing - how Simon tumbled that far down - and B-more residents can finally forget Ray Lewis or Paul Kruger, who now resides in Cleveland. Who is Dannell Ellerbe?

Here’s a question worth asking. Is John Simon actor Bradley Cooper’s twin brother?

FB, Kyle Juszczyk: A

Towsonboy asked Ravens.com staff writers Ryan Mink and Garrett Downing: which three Ravens players impressed them the most in minicamp.

Mink answered, “Oh boy, here we go: TE Ed Dickson, FB Kyle Juszczyk, OLB Terrell Suggs.”

Life for Harvard rookie Kyle Juszczyk is bittersweet. The 22-year-old was installed after Baltimore deleted the fearless Vonta Leach, who is “regarded as the most devastating lead blocker in the league…regularly intimidated linebackers and make the past three Pro Bowls,” according to The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson.

Juszczyk has not disappointed thus far. He’s learning the schemes on the fly and should be comfortable once he gets some experience in training camp. The future Mike Alstott is in the works.

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