Joe Flacco has never been a flashy quarterback; but he has been consistent and has proven he can get the job done.  From a fantasy football perspective, Flacco had a roller coaster ride.  

Prior to the start of the season, Flacco received mixed reviews from Fantasy Football experts.  Most would say that he is a steady player, one who will get you average numbers every week and more than likely he will do less and very rarely, more.

Fantasy Football guru, Matthew Berry; declared he was “Wacko for Flacco” early in the season and by about week 9 he had just flat out given up on the guy because he simply was not putting up acceptable numbers for Fantasy Football owners.

In the real world of football without any fantasy implications; Flacco started out fairly strong with a Ravens victory over the Bengals in week 1; 44-13.   Flacco passed for 299 yards, 21 out of 29 passing attempts and threw a pair of TD’s.    Flacco continued on a decent pace while the Ravens were proving they were who people said they were; Super Bowl contenders.   

Game 12 against the Steelers was the first loss of a 3 game losing streak and during that time, Flacco was less than impressive and many NFL analysts were saying Flacco probably wouldn’t be asked to return as he will be a Free Agent in 2013 with the way he was playing.  

The Ravens needed a lot of things to happen to make the playoffs, including a win against the defending Super Bowl champs, the New York Giants in week 16; and they pulled off a nice victory, beating the Giants 33-14, with Flacco throwing for 309 yards and 2 TDs. 

Flacco has had a nice record in the playoffs, being the only QB to ever win 6 playoff games on the road; and this year, Flacco did not disappoint.  

The Wild Card game found the Ravens at home against the Colts and they just flat out took care of business, winning 24-9 with Flacco throwing for 282 yards and 2 TD’s.   The Ravens then hit the road against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the Ravens were 9.5 point underdogs in this one.  In this game, Flacco was AMAZING, completing 331 yards and 3 TD’s. The most impressive play was the final play of regulation where Flacco found Jacoby Jones for the game tying TD.  The Ravens went on to win and most of it is thanks to Joe Flacco who looked like Tom Brady in this one.

Speaking of Tom Brady; the Ravens needed one more win to get to the Super Bowl; they headed to Foxboro to take on the New England Patriots.  Again, the Ravens were underdogs and again, Flacco took this one to the bank, throwing 3 TD passes as the Ravens beat the Patriots 28-13, sending them to Super Bowl 47.

Joe Flacco is a good quarterback, he is overlooked often and many don’t consider Flacco elite; I am one of them.  Flacco gets the job done and has proven he is a winner, but is Joe Flacco the best quarterback in the league?   Just ask him and he will tell you he is.   Before the 2012 season, Flacco told WNST in Baltimore; “I don’t think I am I’m top 5 (NFL quarterback), I think I’m the best.”   Let’s not get carried away Joe; you are good, you are a winner, but you are not the best.   Maybe Flacco will prove me wrong with a Super Bowl win this Sunday, because a win against the 49ers could be the crowning jewel in Flacco’s self-proclaimed crown.