Anquan Boldin This past March, The Ravens announced the release of wide receiver Anquan Boldin. This decision was made after the team and Boldin were unable to agree on a pay cut that Boldin was asked to take in order to free up money.

Ever since the decision was announced it seems all around the football world people think he was the only player the Ravens have on the offense.  

Also, there seems to be a wrong assumption that Boldin played a bigger role than he did. Now let’s not forget that he did have a great past season, and that Ravens fans appreciated the receiver for his athleticism and great plays he made last year, but what everyone seems to be forgetting or ignoring is he was a one-season hero for the Ravens.

True, the Ravens won the Super Bowl and yes, Boldin was pivotal in the postseason to get the Ravens to the championship and their Super Bowl win -- but this does not erase the fact that he did not achieve this in his two seasons before.

In the 2011 season Boldin was known for dropping passes; he had only one touchdown in the 2011 postseason but he also had a fumble. In the 2010 season he was one of two players who cost the Ravens a win against the Steelers dropping a touchdown pass to help seal a win in the divisional playoff game. Other factors were in play in those losses but if Boldin can be put upon for last season, then fans must hold him for every season he played with the Ravens.

He filled the same role for all three seasons and undoubtedly last year was his best season but to act as if the Ravens' offense revolved around this one receiver is just not true.

Time to face facts, Boldin is a great receiver but he is replaceable and the Ravens will adjust just fine without him.