Cam Cameron It was another disappointing loss for the Baltimore Ravens, the AFC North divisional leader, who were beaten by the Washington Redskins in overtime yesterday 31-28.

In a tight division two straight losses can mean self destruction for your divisional lead.

Luckily, both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals lost their games leaving Baltimore with a two game cushion for the lead.

No reason to panic quite yet right? Apparently the Ravens have reason to think otherwise.

Early today the Baltimore Ravens announced that they had fired offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, who spent the past five years with the team.

The Ravens ranked in the top 20 all but one year that Cameron was OC during his tenure with the team. He was never a fan favorite and the city called for his firing practically every year.

Many speculate that he never gave star running back Ray Rice enough attempts, but Baltimore is averaging 25 carries per game, 16 of those going to Ray Rice.

That being said, the Ravens have drastically cut down their rushing attempts as the team ranked in the top 10 every year except for this year where they currently stand at 23rd in the NFL.

Stepping in as interim offensive coordinator is ex-head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Caldwell. Caldwell, was fired last year by the Colts after a horrible, and "Manningless" season where the team managed to win only two games.

The Baltimore Ravens signed him shortly after as their quarterbacks coach. This isn't the first time Caldwell has played the role of offensive coordinator, having been the OC of the Colts from 2002-09.

This move could be potentially disasterous to the team moving forward. Only three games remain, and they are no cake walk to say the least. The Ravens are away the next three weeks against the surging Denver Broncos, the revamped New York Giants, and divisonal foes in Cincinnati. The way it looks now the team would be lucky to pull out one win of the next three.

As for the divisional race, both the Bengals and Steelers are looking up at the Ravens currently with 7-5 records. These next three weeks are extremely vital for all three teams fighting for the AFC North.