Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos: Three Bold Predictions

By Mickey Varner
January 11, 2013 12:47 pm
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That's what the t-shirts say in Denver, CO these days. As in Peyton F. Manning.

Broncos fans latched on to Manning like a newborn baby does to it's mother.

And it doesn't matter that he spent the previous 13 seasons in Indianapolis.

He's a Bronco now. He came here as a star and he'll leave as a star. Not like John Elway, who they watched grow up, suffered with and celebrated with eventually.

Manning came from somewhere else. He was already a winner. Broncos fans don't remember him the way they do Elway. They don't recall the heartbreaking losses like Colts fans do. They don't remember Tom Brady dominating PFM in the playoffs. They don't know how the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers tormented him. 

Manning came to Denver with a clean slate. And it included his own little torture sessions with Broncomaniacs. PFM beat the Broncos like a drum while in Indianapolis.

In short, to Broncos fans Manning was perfect. He still is.

So there is a notion in Denver that there is no way the Broncos are going to lose again this season. Truth is Bronco Nation and most of the media that cover them have become a bit insufferable. A bit blinded.

But PFM has never won a game under 40 degrees in his lifetime. Never. Baltimore and Flacco play in these kind of conditions all the time once winter arrives.

Kickoff at Mile High Stadium Saturday might reach 20 degrees. The temperature during game time will certainly dip in to the teens.

And guess what Broncos fans...

The F in Peyton F. Manning?

It doesn't stand for frigid.

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By Mickey Varner
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2 years ago
Thank you for pointing out how useless PFM's record in cold weather playoff games is, Mickey. Couldn't have said it any better.

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