Growing up near D.C., the only team in the area at the time was the Washington Redskins and that is the only team I've ever rooted for.

Then in 1996, in comes the Baltimore Ravens moving into town and quickly they made noise throughout the AFC North and in the area I lived in.

No, I never converted to be a Ravens fan and my dad would appreciate that but I have a lot of respect for a team who can come in and leapfrog teams in their division and hold their own against a great franchise like The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Thanks to players such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs, the Ravens make it a point to relentlessly get after the opposing team's offense which makes me happy the Redskins don't play them every year.

If I had a chance to attend a Baltimore Ravens home game this season, which is down I-95 for me, it would have to be Week 13 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, hands down.

Now I can say that the Ravens wanting revenge for the heart-breaking loss in the playoffs last year Week 3, when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots come to town will be an exciting game to attend. The battle of the beltway between the Ravens and the Redskins also brings an interesting storyline week 14, but that is actually a home game for the Redskins.

Divisional match-ups between the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals also brings excitement as these teams fight for the top spot in the AFC North.

Nothing is like a Ravens/Steelers game though no matter where they play.When the Ravens and the Steelers meet, it always brings stipulations, hard-hitting tackles and lots of trash talking as well.

Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu leads the clash between the two teams and it typically turns out to be a heavyweight bout that seems to go the distance and in most cases, determines who wins the AFC North this late in the season.

The Ravens and the Steelers would have already played Week 11 in Pittsburgh with the thought of settling the score in the minds of the team that lost the first meeting two weeks ago.  

This will be a fight to the last second of the game and you may see action and drama postgame as well. If you have any of these two team's offensive players on your fantasy rosters, you may want to leave them on the bench like it was a bye week because this is a game meant for these two top ranked defenses.

These two teams hate each other and in Week 13 at M&T Bank Stadium, they will show each other how much they hate each other. All we can do is hope there are enough healthy bodies after this battle so they can finish the rest of the season and possibly meet in the playoffs for Round 3 of the bout.